Who will be released Thursday night?

Thoughts on Aaron Rodgers’ comments regarding the hotel stay before the home games? I know it hasn’t always been the practice, like in Lombardi’s time, but it has been for many years. Was he kidding or was he serious?

He certainly doesn’t like being “quarantined” in a hotel the day before a home game. He prefers to sleep in his own bed and that’s understandable. I think his take on the process being ‘run down’ is that it was designed to prevent players from going out / staying out late at night before a game, just like when they are on the road in a hotel. . But with everyone having camera phones and the like, it’s nearly impossible for someone to get away with breaking the curfew rules anyway.

Do you plan to closely monitor the transaction tomorrow afternoon?

Sure. I am curious to know if any moves will be made. I would say I’m probably more curious about Marquez Valdes-Scantling, in terms of a player’s feedback.

After training against Murray as a member of the Arizona defense, do you think De’Vondre Campbell will have an advantage over Murray’s tendencies?

I don’t know if that means much. After you get through training camp, teams mostly train against Boy Scout teams, not against teams.

Mike, who do you like winning the World Series in this game between former opponents from National League West?

I would like to see the Braves win. I don’t know how a baseball fan outside of Houston would want to see the Astros after what they did a few years ago. No thanks.

I know we’re all worried about this game given the injuries and travel etc but I can’t imagine Cardinals fans feeling too good knowing the Packers run either.

I imagine they see this as a big measuring stick game for them, kind of like when they faced the Rams earlier this season and handed them their only loss.

Glad to be able to watch the game from home this week rather than relying on video only at a local sports bar. The upside is that your live blog is now a staple of my gaming day (and a lot of adjacent packer rooters I introduced it to during games there), thank you so much for doing them – I appreciate it really feedback and encourage everyone to check it out. I will also be connected tomorrow evening. GPG.

Thanks for the kind words and participation. It’s a whirlwind blogging for 3 or 3 1/2 hours every game day, but I try to keep it moving, having a good conversation and having fun.

In the 6 games Rodgers and MLF have played without Adams, running backs and tight ends have averaged 15 combined catches, 162 yards and 2 touchdowns. Looks like Big Bob is getting into the beat at just the right time and Aaron Jones and Dillon had less use at the right time

Interestingly, Jones and Dillon will be about as fresh as they can get over a short week, considering how the game unfolded last week. It wasn’t intentional, but the struggles to cast him against Washington just limited their chances. The game without Adams that marked me the most was at KC in 2019, when Jones had over 150 receiving yards. He made some big plays in the passing game one night the Packers really needed him.

Alright folks, I actually have to run. Jerry Gray is making a quick media uptime with him calling some defensive play tomorrow night, and the time has just passed, so I have to understand that. Sorry to sign up earlier, but thanks for all the questions and we’ll get back to that soon. Best, Mike

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