Where to find all collectibles in the third level of Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil

With the third vision in Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil we see a return to the more standard level structure. Think of these two stages as a brief respite from the intense rail riding sections. However, that doesn’t mean the Volk City stages don’t have a few tricks up their sleeve. Quite the contrary, there are definitely a few Momott doll bells that you can easily miss if you’re not paying close attention.

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There are also a number of unique enemy types that you will face in these stages. However, some of them will be familiar to series veterans. This guide will help you overcome these obstacles and point you in the direction of all the collectibles!


3-1: Volk City

Get ready to roam the streets and sewers of Volk City. This stage will take you up, down and all around the booming metropolis. Along the way, you will discover delicate Momett doll bells. Luckily, the Dream Stones aren’t much of a problem this time around.

3-1: Where to find all Momett doll bells

The first Momett Doll Bell (1/6) can be found on the main path, halfway through the Mirror Spirit segment. There will be a time when you catch an enemy that will make you fly around the city. Shortly after this transition, you will see a Ngapoko egg floating in the foreground. Throw an enemy at it to get another Momett Doll Bell (2/6). The next Momett Doll Bell (3/6) isn’t even concealed. It’s right on the main path and requires that you grab an enemy and perform a super jump to reach it. You will, however, have to deal with some enemies throwing explosives at you from the background.

After jumping into the sewers, you’ll encounter a new enemy type that will give you a more explosive super jump (one that can pierce the blocks above you). When you hit the area that has a moo, a UFO enemy, and one of those electrified enemies, grab the moo, jump and grab the electrified enemy, then move a bit to the left and use the improved super jump to cross the block above your head. You’ll discover a cache of collectibles, including a Momett Doll Bell (4/6).

Then go catch this UFO enemy and they will take you to the next Momett Doll Bell (5/6). Shortly after grabbing the last Momett Doll Bell, you’ll hit a series of boost pads that will propel you into the air. The third of these boos pads has a Momett Doll Bell sitting in the foreground. You can barely see the bell due to the angle. You just need to hit it with a Wind Bullet. Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time, you can try as many times as you want.

3-1: Where to find all Ngapoko eggs

The first Ngapoko egg is in the background immediately after the Mirror Spirit segment. It contains a coin. This is, surprisingly, the only Ngapoko egg you will see throughout this stage.

3-1: How to get the 150 Dream Stones

The opening section includes a Mirror Spirit segment. It’s quite simple. You’ll be on a slide, so make sure you don’t hold back. On the contrary, you must hold forward, because the more speed, the better. As long as you don’t get cut by an enemy, you should be able to get all of the Dreamstones.

The next segment of Mirror Spirit is actually in the same part of the scene. You’ll bounce between different bumpers that have lines of Dream Stones hovering above them. The trick is to not use Klonoa’s hover ability. Beyond that, there are a ton of giant enemies in this stage, so be sure to take them out for those Dream Stones.

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3-2: Underground Factory

The underground factory houses a number of delicately hidden Momett doll bells. It also features a few Mirror Spirit segments that will keep you on your toes. The only thing you won’t find are Ngapoko eggs. Which is fair, eggs don’t really belong in an underground industrial environment.

3-2: Where to find all Momett doll bells

The first Momett Doll Bell (1/6) is pretty much out in the open. You’ll have to perform a boosted jump to catch it. The next Momett Doll Bell (2/6) is just as basic. It’ll be just to your left after you claim the second key. Grab the boomie and perform a super jump to tackle it. During the Mirror Spirit section, the third Momett Doll Bell (3/6) will float above the deck.

You will reach a conveyor belt section with several boxes in the center that need to be destroyed. Before breaking these boxes, grab the bird and travel to the left side. There’s a Momett Doll Bell (4/6) hovering here.

The next Momett Doll Bell (5/6) is in the rail section. Just be prepared to jump and grab it at the very end of the stage. When you see the giant moo in the background, grab the nearby boomie and send it back with it. Now hit the giant with a Wind Bullet, grab the boomie, jump onto the moo’s back, then perform a super jump with the boomie you’re holding, and you can climb onto the ledge holding the Momett Doll Bell (6/6).

Vision 3-2: Are there any Ngapoko eggs?

If you’re feverishly looking for Ngapoko Eggs, we can explain why you haven’t found any yet: The Underground Factory doesn’t have a single egg.

3-2: How to get the 150 Dream Stones

The Mirror Spirit section here is quite tricky. If you just released the Mirror Spirit and then try to get every Dream Stone, you won’t have enough time. In place, cross the bridge without catching any dream stones, catch the bird, then cross the bridge again. Now, Sitting next to the first Dream Stone, throw the bird at the Mirror Spirit and start collecting all the Dream Stones. You will have just enough time to get the final dream stone hovering over the tornado launch pad on the far left.

The The final section of Mirror Spirit will require you toss an enemy at it, then grab the nearby bird and jump to claim Dreamstones, grab another bird, and jump to another platform and grab the remaining bundle. This will require some precise platforming, and you’re going to have to struggle with the traction of the treadmills. Just make sure you don’t hover because you need as much speed as possible.

Beyond the Mirror Spirit sections, don’t forget to break out the giant moos. If you do this, and chase down all the Momett Doll Bells (because there are a number of Dreamstones hidden with them), you should be able to get all 150 by the time you reach the end of the stage.

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