Where to find all collectibles in the fifth level of Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil

We have now reached the fifth “vision” of Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil. This section of the game is made up of a pair of stages which are, much like the Volk City Inferno stage, retreads of previous stages. However, Lunatea’s Veil makes sure to do more than enough to change those levels quite drastically. You will now have an oxygen mechanic in one of them and a light mechanic in the other. And, of course, the location of every last collectible has changed.

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Although both of these stages are retreaded, they make good use of their new mechanics in order to provide a distinct experience. But you don’t have to grope in the dark alone thanks to this new version of The Sea Of Tears. Nope! We’ll be with you for the ride: showing you the location of every last Momett Doll Bell and Ngapoko Egg, while helping you claim the 150 Dream Stones.


5-1: Noxious La-Lakoosha

We’re back, baby. And this time, everything is toxic! Oh… well, this version of La-Lakoosha has some new mechanics. Most notably, there are platforms that fade after contacting them. Beyond that, you get an oxygen mechanic. You know, like the most hated section of the original TMNT game on Nintendo! Yay?

5-1: Where to find all Momett doll’s bells

It really feels like the first Momett Doll Bell (1/6) exists to introduce you to the new disappearing platform mechanism. The bell hovers near the start of the stage. Just jump and grab it. Shortly after getting your first bell, you’ll head to a cannon that will take you to the next area. Here the Momett Doll Bell (2/6) is prominently displayed. Simply grab one of the dive bomber bugons and use them to perform a super jump from one of the springs.

The third Momett Doll Bell is a bit trickier. In one of the harmful sections of the cave, you will encounter a pink grapple point, a bird, and a crystal likuri. What you need to do is grab the likuri, throw it at the bird, jump to the grapple point, and climb onto the platform to your left. The likuri will come back to you (like they do) and you can then use it to perform a boosted jump to the Momett Doll Bell (3/6) hovering above.

In the next area, a giant armored moo, accompanied by two regular moos, will greet you. Just throw the first regular moo at the armored giant to remove its armor, then hit the giant moo with your Wind Bullet, and grab the other regular moo and perform a super jump while standing on its head of the dazed giant moo. This will take you to the next Momett Doll Bell (4/6).

When you enter the giant section of the Noxious Cave which has a number of Dream Stones (forming a line that leads directly to the ceiling), you will have to release the nearby helicopter like the kiton by crossing the block sealing the room it is in. You will do this by using the improved jump that the electric erbil (which is on the right side of the stage) grants you. Once done, you can use the kiton to claim all the Dreamstones and grab the Momett Doll Bell (5/6) at the top of the room. Be sure to grab the Mirror Spirit while you’re at it.

Finally, at the very end of the stage, the final Momett Doll Bell (6/6) hovers just above you. Just grab the bugon and perform the boosted jump while bouncing off the spring under the bell.

5-1: Are there any Ngapoko eggs

Strangely, this is one of those stages that doesn’t feature a single Ngapoko egg.

5-1: How to get the 150 Dream Stones

There are some tricky Dream Stone sections here. At the start of the stage, you’ll need to break a block in the ground, then use the kitons to fly under the platforms and grab all the Dream Stones. Try not to push him with the kitons. There’s an unlimited number of them, so make sure when they start flashing, you’re back on a platform.

Beyond this section there will be some big drops you need to do where if you miss a Dream Stone you can’t go back. There’s also a giant moo you’re going to have to take out.

Although there is only one Mirror Spirit section, it is pretty one hard. For starters, you need to avoid collecting Dreamstones if you head there, and the Dreamstones are placed in a way that makes this quite difficult. Then you’ll have to pilot the kiton perfectly and drop down to grab the Dream Stones above the spring. Most people will probably sabotage themselves before they even know there is a Mirror Spirit segment. Here you want to free the spirit and then claim nearby Dreamstones, including those from the nearby Ngapoko Egg. To make things easier, you can break the egg beforehand.

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5-2: Dark Sea of ​​Tears

And now we go straight back to the opening phase of the game. What’s the new mechanic here? Well, the name tells you everything you need to know. You are being stalked by an enemy called the “greeps” which are extremely similar to Kryll from Gears Of War. You need to replenish your light frequently or you will be overrun by these creatures.

5-2: Where to find all Momett doll bells

Momett’s first doll bell (1/6) sits in a Ngapoko egg floating in the background, just a little past the second flolo (the enemy that gives you light). The second Momett Doll Bell (2/6) went down the side road. It will be hidden in the coral, in a place similar to where a Ngapoko egg was hiding the first time. Although this one is even more hidden. Throw an enemy at it and grab your bell.

Shortly after, you’ll encounter the next Momett Doll Bell (3/6) floating above you on the main path. There really isn’t much trick to this one. Grab an enemy and jump to grab it. Shortly after, you will be shot from a cannon on a ship. There is another Momett Doll Bell (4/6) hovering above. This is another easy one; just jump and grab it.

After leaving the ship, you will enter a cave which has a block on the ground. Destroy this block and jump to the path below. You’ll find another Ngapoko Egg in the background. Throw an enemy at the egg to collect your fifth Momett Doll Bell (5/6). The last Momett Doll Bell (6/6) hovers above the rotating row of spiked balls. It’s actually quite easy for this bell to be obscured by darkness, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. And with that, you should have collected all the Momett Doll Bells.

5-2: Where to find all Ngapoko Eggs

While there are absolutely Ngapoko Eggs at this point, they only contain Momett Doll Bells. This means that all of this is already covered in the Momett Doll Bell section. However, we will give you a brief recap, just to end.

The first Ngapoko egg is in the background after the second bright flolo. Ngapoko’s second egg is located on the side road in the coral in the background. The third Ngapoko egg can be found at the start of the last section of the cave (after the ship): you just have to break the giant block on the ground and grab it in the background. That’s all.

5-2: How to get the 150 Dream Stones

One of the biggest problems you’ll likely encounter when getting all the Dreamstones is simply missing them because they’re shrouded in darkness. So, do your best not to rush into any given area. Beyond that, the Mirror Spirit segment occurs on the ship. You’ll want to perform a super jump more the mirror mind while holding an enemy bird. This will activate it while giving you the height you need to grab the first row of Dream Stones. From there, quickly jump over and grab the bird to your right so you can jump up and claim the next row of gems before the Mirror Spirit’s effects wear off.

At the end of the stage, before jumping into the cannon, be sure to claim all the Dream Stones on the right. Also, after you jump down the cannon, grab the birds as you encounter them, and get ready to do those boosted jumps. You will have a chance and if you miss it, there is no point in intentionally dying. This means that if you miss these jumps, you will have to do the whole stage again to get the 150 Dream Stones. God of speed!

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