Walmart seeks to remove all cashiers from stores, switching to self-checkout entirely

This is no longer the news, the world of retail has changed, and many would say for the better. Online ordering, in-store pickup and delivery options, checkouts, and more have given customers more flexibility, more efficiency, and changed the way we shop.

But there is one payment method that hasn’t changed for a long time: Cashiers stationed on a conveyor belt lane scan items one by one.

Well, even that seems to be changing, and especially at Walmart.

According to Walmart, the retail giant will go to fully automatic checkout and / or “Scan & Go” by the end of 2021. That means it won’t be long before you go to Walmart and you. no longer see cashiers or staffed checkout lanes – you will likely see self-checkout “hosts” and maybe one or two lanes with a cashier for those with special needs.

Yes, Walmart is likely to save money by switching to cashierless checkouts, but the main reason for the change, according to Walmart, is to speed up checkout times, give customers more choice and empower them. more control over their shopping experience. .

In addition to testing self-checkout-only stores, Walmart also brought back “Scan & Go”. They tried it a few years ago and it just didn’t work, but times and technology have changed since then and the new and improved Scan & Go works pretty well. Basically, you use the Walmart app, shop in stores, and use your phone to checkout. There are many different options for shopping and checking out at Walmart. With the pandemic, more and more people are using pickup and delivery, which is super convenient and super easy.

According to Walmart’s website, they’re currently testing a store with 34 checkouts lining the edges of a large open area. Each cash register is equipped with a green light alerting employees and customers of available cash registers. But, aside from the open layout, the most immediately noticeable change is that all avenues will be open – all the time.

Of course, Walmart has not given details, to our knowledge, on the timing of its deployment plans, but Positively Osceola has visited four local stores in Osceola County, and associates at 3 of the 4 have said ‘they were going without a cashier. year – with a few routes for those who might need additional assistance. So brace yourself, retail seems to be changing yet again, including in Osceola County!

So what do you think about the possibility of Walmart removing supervised checkouts and cashiers?

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