Trade your NFT games securely via an innovative marketplace

Gazoomia brings the next generation gaming NFT market to the gaming world! This innovative platform allows you to securely buy, sell and mint your gaming NFTs. From valuable collectibles to exciting P2E mechanics, let’s discover the most exciting games on their next dashboard!

Gazoomia is a collection of 10,000 digital assets representing an innovative market!

What is the Gazoomia Games Guild?

The Gaming Guild of Gazoomia (GGOG) is a collection of 10,000 Turtledragon NFTs built on the Solana blockchain. These cute little Keyboard Warriors have been snatched from their home, the Metaverse, and scattered around the Earth. In fact, each Turtledragon is empowered by humans playing their specific video game.

In order to return home, these NFT avatars must bond with humans and encourage them to play, so they can fuel their energy. Each of these NFT Turtledragons is a master in a game. However, they all tend to keep a token, or memento, of the game they master!

official GGOC NFT collectibles digital poster
GGOG NFTs Reduce Minting Fees for Gazoomia Marketplace Holders!

Your main advantages as an NFT holder are:

  • Reduced transaction fees on the Gazoomia NFT marketplace
  • Early access to WLs of upcoming NFT games (via their dashboard)
  • Join an exciting DAO

Notably, the GGOG NFT collection will be released on April 5 at 6 p.m. CET on the official platform. The price per NFT will be 0.66 SOL (for pre-money) and 1 SOL (for mint), so you can prepare your digital wallet!

In the meantime, let’s find out more about the Gazoomia NFT market and why you should join it as well.

image of several Gazoomia NFT collectibles
From clothing to hats and wings, NFT GGOG feature many unique and colorful traits.

How does the Gazoomia Marketplace work?

The Gazoomia platform aims to be the next generation gaming NFT marketplace. Essentially, it aims to improve the existing shortcomings of current markets as follows:


Currently, the most popular marketplaces only check collections with high trading volume – but not upcoming mints. As a result, average NFT enthusiasts, especially NFT newbies, find it difficult to differentiate a great project from a great scam.

Of course, rug pullovers are also on the rise. They will continue to impact many innocent users unless marketplaces take the necessary steps to protect their users.

Surprisingly, Gazoomia solves this problem by requiring every creator to be doxxed in order to list their collection. Only after that, game developers will be able to participate in their own launch pad on the Gazoomia market.

Gazoomia NFT market official digital poster
The Gazoomia Marketplace aims to facilitate gaming NFT trading with one-stop solutions.


In the world of NFTs, digital content creators are finding it increasingly difficult to gain exposure. This is especially true in the competitive niche of NFT-powered games. At this point, many markets do not distinguish between regular projects and game projects.

Additionally, games tend to have greater complexity. Therefore, such projects require a more detailed and customizable collection landing page. Since most of their initial NFTs look like PFP collections, it’s hard to get an accurate look at the gameplay itself.

Gazoomia also aims to solve this problem. Surprisingly, the team will include high-quality previews of every game released to the market.

Friendly user experience

Unlike PFP-style collectibles, NFT games require a complex filtering and searching system. Gazoom plans to provide players with an immersive experience. Therefore, game publishers can spend 100% of their time on things that really matter. For example, they can further develop awesome gaming experience with excellent NFT mechanics.

In short, Gazoom wants to make it easier to trade NFT games to increase exposure for creators. This way, they will have a safer way to launch their new collections and in-game items.

Gazoomia NFT market official digital poster
Any holder can also enjoy an immersive NFT gaming experience through the Gazoomia marketplace!

The administration team has already proven itself in creating a gaming platform called Gazoom. The team is notably supported by Wayra X, the investment arm of telecommunications giant Telefonica, Dozen Investments & Startupbootcamp.

If you are ready to join this amazing projectget ready to hit your Turtledragon NFT via the official site! Be sure to follow Gazoomia via Twitter and join them Discord Channel for exclusive announcements and reveals too!

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