Town of Humboldt expresses concern over Rural Municipality of Humboldt proposal

Humboldt City Council has approved a recommendation to communicate its concerns to the Rural Municipality of Humboldt regarding a recent issue regarding a rezoning proposal. In its communication to the City, the RM indicated that it was considering a zoning change for a parcel of land bordering the city line. The parcel in question is part of the area designated Kloppenberg Land south of Highway 5 and west of Peck Road, adjacent to the CIM.

Based on the information provided in the City’s recommendation report, the RM’s intention is to rezone the parcel as commercial land to accommodate a proposed salvage yard. The City attempted to respond to a public notice, dated September 29, describing the proposal. The RM is seeking to re-designate the parcel from agricultural use to commercial use and include reclamation yards in its zoning definitions as “discretionary use”.

Among the concerns highlighted in the report, prepared by Planning Director Frank Carpentieri, is the fact that the City’s official community plan has targeted the plot and the southern area as a potential residential area for future annexation if the City consents to it. The zoning change of the plot could also open the door to future commercial developments, which the report notes could be considered “visually unappealing.”

The fact that the proposed commercial enterprise would reside outside of the City’s jurisdiction means that it would have no recourse to enforce nuisance or maintenance by-laws should the need arise, the report said. The last concern expressed was about drainage, which the City would not be responsible for cleaning up if necessary.

Ultimately, Council agreed to allow the City to communicate its concerns about the proposed by-law change directly to the RM of Humboldt by letter. A public meeting organized by the MR is scheduled for November 8.

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