This ultra-luxury NFT collection furniture oscillates between reality and metaverse

The metaverse is presumably an indistinct concept. But this is only a fragment of the individual imagination. 3D virtual spaces called the Metaverse – after Zuckerberg’s Facebook rebranding to Meta – are now the virtual fad partly fueled by the concept of non-fungible tokens. NFTs allow the purchase of non-tangible items in the metaverse intended solely for viewing and not for use. Cutting out this part for our small imagination, the Monde Singulier studio anticipates the launch of ultra-luxury furniture for the virtual and real worlds. So you can then furnish both the metaverse house and the physical living room with the same collectible piece of furniture.

Playing with spatial design, 3D art, eye-catching hues and materials, Sébastien Baert co-founder Monde Singulier heightens the excitement by placing furniture in the natural environment where detached elements of chairs, tables and beds inspire the viewer. The pretentious character crafted instantly seeps into the heart – going back and forth in diminishing narratives – tricking the mind into getting one right away.

Creator: Singular World

Take one? How much would you pay for NFT furniture is a question best left unanswered at least until “Reveries” – the collection of collectible furniture – hits the metaverse. Rêveries includes four collections of luxury furniture oscillating between reality and imagination. Covering more than eight exquisite concepts; the Le Champ, La Prairie, Le Lagon and Le Désert collections are designed for both the metaverse and the real world. Otherwise, “a few pieces of furniture” will be available in the real world while “every piece will be auctioned off in the metaverse,” Monde Singulier confirms on its webpage.

Decorated in immaculate images of chairs and tables that toss and turn in virtual environments, the design studio’s website – determined to design “ultra-luxury spaces and collectible furniture for both worlds” – worth a visit until NFTs and online retail open up for our interest.

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