The opportunity could never be better

When is Cliff Christi’s book on 100 years of official Packers history released? I look forward !

Last I heard, I hope he will be available for the holidays.

Sawyer from Simpsonville, South Carolina

To build on George’s question from North Mankato, MN, would a GM choose to keep, say, a sixth or seventh round pick over a free agent or a UDFA player who spent the same amount of time? in camp and surpassed the draft pick, because one is a draft pick and the other a free agent?

Investing a signing bonus in a draft pick can have this influence on occasion, but the player should always show that the investment has a realistic chance of paying off down the road. Most of the time, it is always a matter of weighing the chances that the various players will be claimed on waivers.

Gary from Hot Springs Village, AR

Are you going to do your play-by-play blogs for the preseason games? I hope so. I look forward to your comments on the players at the bottom of the list fighting to be included in the 53.

We haven’t finalized all of our coverage plans for the preseason games yet, but I think I will be blogging the games live, yes.

I understand there are four different players the Packers like for the star position in defense. Doesn’t that remind you of that old John Madden quote that says something like you’ve got four you don’t? Of course, you could put “Darnell Savage” or “Jaire Alexander” in the star, but for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Who can replace either of these two players at their usual positions on a given game?

I firmly believe that if Alexander gets into the star it will be game based because of how the opposing offense lines up. Same with Savage to some extent. When it counts, they won’t put different guys out there just for the sake of variety. It will depend on who is in front of them.

Daniel from Vienna, Austria

My question relates to Mike Smith’s comments on Tipa Galeai: he said that if Tipa doesn’t improve with his potency, the O line will “shorten” him. Could you explain what “make short” means? Overall, how would an offensive lineman ideally counter a pure speed rusher and how a pure power rusher?

This quote may have been poorly transcribed. I think Smith was referring to a “soft setting” meaning where an offensive lineman gives a cushion and waits for the speed rusher to come to him, because he’s not afraid of being overpowered. . Engaging a power rusher at the point of attack can help neutralize said power, while still allowing some cushion to help react to speed.

Mike, I feel like a kid at Christmas. I’ll be sitting in the stands on Saturday watching my gift, Jordan Love, unfold. I can’t wait to see where he is in his development while hoping that the only real playing time he will have this year will be the next three games. Do you think the anticipation for this game is greater than for the past preseason?

I don’t know if I would say that, but it’s been a long time since the main storyline of a preseason game has been so obvious and consuming in advance. For fans and media alike, this first preseason game is all about Jordan Love. But hey, bad or anywhere in between, this performance won’t define him. This is just the beginning.

What’s the biggest challenge for Jordan Love: learning the offense and all the opportunities it presents, or being able to walk to the line of scrimmage and figure out what the defense is trying to do to him?

At this point I’d say the latter, but Job 1 in Game 1 for Love is all about protecting football after mismanaging conditions on family night out.

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