Tennessee Titans Nissan Stadium and Zippin Prep Cashless Stores – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

“Fans demand quick and easy access to premium food and beverages that enhance their stadium experience,” said Gary Jacobus, senior vice president of business development.

“Future-looking venues like Nissan Stadium are rapidly adopting innovative technology, like Zippin’s, and they recognize that the maximum ROI of cashless is fully realized with multiple stores located throughout the venue.”

Cashless purchases from Nissan Stadium will be available for all entertainment and other sporting events the venue hosts each year, from WWE wrestling to concerts.

Self-service checkouts

Krishna Motukuri, CEO and co-founder of Zippin, recently took to Twitter to have his say on the self-checkout technology.

Referring to a CNN Business article titled Nobody likes self-checkout. Here’s why it’s everywhere, Motukuri said: “Nobody likes self-service checkouts and contrary to what people think, it doesn’t even benefit retailers. Payment without payment, however, is another story.

“Self-checkout simply transfers the work from the cashier to the customer, increasing friction for the customer, which inevitably leads to frustration and errors and MORE work for retailers, in the end.”

“Cashless payment works by removing friction and making retail operations much more efficient,” he concluded.

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