Spider-Man arrives at D23 with an exclusive set of Gold Member pins


Disney’s next D23 convention isn’t far away, and it’s going to be a big moment for Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney. With a big event like this, you should expect exclusive collectibles to arrive as well. One of these exclusives has been revealed with a very spectacular, sensational and incredible set of pins. This year marks Spider-Man’s 60th birthday, and D23 is celebrating it with a very limited and expensive set of pins. Limited to just 1,200 pieces, this exclusive 9-pin Spider-Man set captures the story of the web through the years. From exciting costume changes to some of the other heroes on the web, this D23 set has it all. The pin set will include:

  • Retro (1962)
  • Spider Ham (1983)
  • Symbiote Suit (1984)
  • Spider-Armor (1993)
  • Classic (2000)
  • Iron Spider (2006)
  • Black (2009)
  • Miles Morales (2011)
  • Ghost Spider (2015)

This set is amazing, and the only downside is that the Spider-Man D23-Exclusive Marvel 60th Anniversary Pin Set is $99.99. $100 for a set of pins is a bit pricey for me, but I know pin collecting is a big deal. It’s nice to see Miles, Spider-Gwen, and Spidey Noir make the cut and be immortalized in Spider-Man’s legacy. If you love pins, love Spidey and are a D23 Gold member, be sure not to miss owning this unique set. Members can purchase theirs here, and be sure to log in with the Disney account linked to your D23 Gold membership to purchase. Knock.

“Dive into the action and celebrate an incredible 60 years of everyone’s favorite web-slinger, Spider-Man! 1962, at Ghost Spider’s memorable run. Featuring some of Marvel’s most iconic Spider variants, this pin set is sure to weave a web of interest and fun for all fans! Created exclusively for D23 Gold members. To purchase, log in to shopDisney. com with the Disney account linked to your D23 Gold subscription. Not a D23 Gold member? Click on here join.”

  • Edition limited to 1200
  • Exclusive to D23 Gold members
  • Includes nine Spider variant pins, including Retro Spider-Man (1962), Spider-Ham (1983), Symbiote Suit (1984), Spider-Armor (1993), Classic (2000), Iron Spider (2006), Black ( 2009), Miles Morales (2011) and Ghost-Spider (2015)
  • Official D23 stamp on the back
  • Cloisonne hard enamel filling
  • Base in nickel-finish metal, with embossed nickel elements and laser-engraved details
  • Mickey Mouse icon pin
  • Comes in a specially designed “Beyond Amazing” box, celebrating 60 amazing years of Spider-Man, with the pins displayed on a stand with a city wall-inspired design. Backer also features the names of each pin and the respective launch year of the Spider-Man variant.
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