Something’s Brewing has launched its flagship retail store in Bangalore

Something’s Brewing, a one-of-a-kind e-commerce platform dedicated entirely and uniquely to coffee and coffee equipment, has launched its first flagship retail store in Indiranagar, Bengaluru, to bring coffee, conversations and connections, all under one roof.

A 3,500 sq.ft. the space will house some of the world’s most recognized coffee brands with carefully organized coffee zones for one to experience its different phases, from brewing to roasting and grinding. This magnanimous space will be a colosseum for all the coffee equipment, products, training and conversations that bring the coffee community together.

Located in the food and coffee center of Bengaluru, Indiranagar, which is known for its constant coffee crowd looking to spend their workday and weekends looking for new experiences, Something’s Brewing will give these enthusiasts insight into the world of home brewing and help them explore, dive deeper into the world of coffee and experience its beautiful journey.

Launched with a vision to give customers a holistic understanding of coffee and brewing, Something’s Brewing’s retail store has been meticulously designed with each section envisioned to resonate with a different aspect of coffee. The space will not only have an interesting coffee bar and beer garden for a casual visitor to sip some great specialty coffee, but will also be home to the world’s best brands of coffee equipment and accessories such as Fellow, Hario, Aeropress, Bialetti and many more. . The store will also have the widest range of domestic espresso machines available in the country with iconic brands such as Linea Mini, Solis, Rancilio Silvia and Lelit Bianca, among others.

Besides brewing equipment, the retail store will carry all popular specialty roaster brands for coffee lovers to experience new flavors and aromas. The new store will also host the country’s top coffee personalities for various coffee-making workshops and a glimpse into their own coffee journeys.

Abhinav Mathur, CEO of Something’s Brewing at the launch of their very first flagship store, “I am delighted to share this news with everyone. Something’s Brewing has been an incredible journey so far. What started as a concept during the lockdown phase has now grown, quite well brewed over the past year or so. It’s great to be able to broaden our vision and create a space of exploration for our customers where they can soak up the warmth and aroma of coffee.

“Our retail store will also be a home away from home for home brewers and coffee aficionados to deepen and experience the nuanced aspects of this whimsical drink. With this launch, we aim to stay true to the name “Something” will always be “Brewing” here. We hope to take this experience across the country and develop the coffee tribe in India, ”he added.

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