Resale stores and thrift stores thrive from pandemic and closest cleanups

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – Some could have been the spring cleaning, but local resale and thrift stores say they have seen an increase in donations and people wanting to sell clothes and items during the pandemic.

“This was probably the first time in eight years that I had to put the limited buy sign on the front door because the women were cleaning the entire closet,” said Kathy Bosley, owner of Clothes Mentor to Tyler.

They were criticized with incoming objects and she attributes this to people who are no longer sitting in front of a screen on Zoom; they go out and want to be beautiful.

“I would say on a typical day I could get anywhere from 10 to 20 purchases, where people bring their items to us. We hit 30 over many days, 30 and then some, ”Bosley said.

At Hangers of Hope on Loop 323, Megan Riaz said they lined up cars ready to drop off donations when they reopened. They even added a space to prepare donations.

“We have people working there who will start working on these items, labeling the items, sorting the items, and then we will bring them back to both stores so they can come out on the floor,” Riaz said.

She also participated in the cleanup of COVID-19.

“I can’t stand the clutter and especially when I was at home and not going to the office I was working from home it was easy for me to just say that I will finally do something with everything that, ”Riaz said. . “If we don’t use it, if we don’t need it, if we have too much of it, we’re just going to get rid of it. It is a good feeling to clean.

Bosely said they were back to normal at Clothes Mentor and: “I have a feeling women are going to continue the cleaning process throughout the fall fashion change.”

Both stores tell us they accept donations, you can drop them off at Hangers of Hope or take them to Clothes Mentor.

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