Opening of a designer denim store in the shops of the Promenade of Saucon Valley

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Former NFL running back and Parkland High School graduate Andre Williams (center) prepares to cut the ribbon for his new denim store, All Weather Selvedge Denim Co. (AW), at the Promenade Shops in Saucon Valley Thursday. In addition to family members, left to right, Williams was joined by Ashley Lorah, Senior Vice President of Affiliate Chambers for East Penn, Southern Lehigh and Western Lehigh Chambers; Melissa Napolitano, General Manager, The Promenade Shops in Saucon Valley; State Representative Milou Mackenzie (R-131); Hal Warner, Executive Director, Lehigh County Humane Society and Board Member, Southern Lehigh Chamber of Commerce; and Hayden Rinde, Coordinator, Affiliated Chambers.

Fans of designer denim have a new local shopping destination to explore, thanks to Andre Williams, former NFL running back and Parkland graduate.

Williams, along with family members, representatives from the Southern Lehigh Chamber of Commerce and others, cut the ribbon for his new selvedge denim store at the Saucon Valley Promenade Shops in Center Valley on Thursday.

The concept for All Weather Selvedge Denim Co. (AW) was first developed by Williams in 2016, after he said he struggled to find jeans to suit his athletic physique.

Popular in Japan, selvedge denim is a “higher-quality, harder-to-produce type of denim that is typically sold and worn unwashed,” according to

Selvedge denim is popular in Japan, where much of the fabric is made. This sign inside the new All Weather Selvedge Denim Co. (AW) store at the Promenade Shops in Saucon Valley describes the connection between Japan and selvedge denim.

Williams said he initially wondered why selvedge jeans with an athletic fit weren’t available, but found there was a niche market for them and started building his brand.

“My signature is the athletic fit, but the shade of fabric you get from selvedge denim is something, as I’ve learned – it was originally a US patent, that … after it became so popular – you don’t get that quality anymore; you don’t get the shade of color and weight and all the great things that come with the fabric, ”Williams explained.

“What I want to do, especially my second season, is bring that quality and that fabric back to the United States,” he added.

All Weather Selvedge Denim is located in Suite 108 of the Saucon Valley Promenade Shops, adjacent to Evolve Lifestyle Salon & Spa and across from Red Robin.

For more information, follow the company on Instagram and Facebook.

On Wednesday, the seeds for a future groundbreaking ceremony were sown near the Promenade shops, when the ground was laid for a new rehabilitation hospital on Center Valley Parkway.

Owner Andre Williams addresses attendees at All Weather Selvedge Denim Co.’s dedication ceremony on Thursday.

Ribbon cutting for All Weather Selvedge Denim Co. (AW) is celebrated.

All Weather Selvedge Denim Co. (AW) is located in suite 608 at the Promenade Shops in Saucon Valley, near Red Robin and the AMC multiplex cinema.

Selvedge denim is closely associated with Japan, although the technology used to make it was first patented in the United States, said Andre Williams, owner of All Weather Selvedge Denim Co. The specialty of the Williams brand is athletic fit jeans.

A sign inside the All Weather Selvedge Denim Co. store in The Promenade Boutiques announces Thursday’s grand opening and groundbreaking ceremony, held with the Southern Lehigh Chamber of Commerce.

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