Mythic Legions Furious Four LegionsCon exclusives revealed


LegionsCon is still months away, with a new live, in-person experience on November 5-6. In preparation for the big event, The Four Horsemen gave fans a closer look at their exclusive Mythic Legions LegionsCon Exclusives set. This special 2-pack set is titled the Furious Four and will include two figures with a nice assortment of interchangeable parts. This will include four head sculpts with dinosaur, knight, skull and orc heads with red deco. Interchangeable hands and an assortment of melee weapons will also be included. For those lucky enough to attend the Mythic Legions convention, a Jaguallian head and tail from Clan Fury will be excluded. Mythic Legions fans can find everything they need to know about LegionsCon here.

“The ‘Furious Four’ set is a 2-pack that will include two figure bodies and 4 distinct heads, allowing you to create special characters. These characters include Lord Bushotee the Alpha, Pelvicus, Peteorionn and Uuwitt – each free-based on the members of the MWIGTKM podcast. These guys are longtime supporters of Four Horsemen Studios, so it was fun creating these tributes to this team (fair warning – their podcast is not for the easily offended and contains a lot of language – listen to your The body parts of these figures all use the same color scheme, and these colors are also shared with the Fury Clan Orc, encouraging fans to mix and match these parts to create new and unique looks !”

“In addition to the heads that are part of the main characters in this set, the version offered at LegionsCon will also include two pieces not available in the standard editions – a Fury Clan Jaguallian head and tail! These pieces will be included in the show version. , and this full set will come in special packaging unique to LegionsCon (complete with brand new artwork by Nate Baertsch!) So in the LegionsCon set you get 2 bodies, 5 heads, 2 tails, 2 swords, a spear, a shield, a staff, 3 sets of feet, 2 red belts and 2 sets of epaulettes You can see this parts breakdown below (note that the cat tail is not shown in the image) .”

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