Local furniture stores face strong demand despite delivery shortages

DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, demand for many items has increased across the country, especially furniture. – During the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for many items has increased across the country, especially furniture.

“The demand is still very, very strong. Customers and businesses are always ordering like crazy, ”said Earthann Shaul, director of Daylight Home and Patio.

Furniture stores on the central coast are experiencing inventory shortages as a result of reduced supply and increased customer demand.

Luna Rustica manager Jessica Bernard said: “Thanks to COVID, people are stuck in their homes and they wanted their home to be their sanctuary.”

And in addition to COVID, furniture store owners also say they’re seeing a lot of people move to San Luis Obispo, which is also increasing the demand for furniture.

“Twenty-five years of activity here in San Luis Obispo, we have obviously experienced strong growth. Lots of growth here. Lots of new homes are under construction, ”said Michael Carija, owner of Luna Rustica.

Meanwhile, local furniture stores are feeling the effects of rising transportation costs. They must warn customers of significant delays.

“Things that used to last eight weeks are now at 16 weeks. I mean, that’s double what I want for just about anything, ”Bernard said.

And furniture stores do their best to keep their prices the same.

“We have really kept our prices tight. We are known for the exceptional value of all the products we offer. We hope things stabilize and keep us where we are at this point, ”Carija said.

Others rely on their long-term relationships with manufacturers to earn discounts.

Shaul said, “We are fortunate to have relationships, long term relationships with our manufacturers, so we are able to pass on any kind of discount they give us.”

As for those looking to remodel their homes, furniture store owners advise patience.

“Patience is a word of action. You’re going to have to be patient if you really want to invest in what you want, ”Shaul said.

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