Life is Strange: True Colors

It may be a story-rich game that relies on decision-making as the main game mechanic, but there are still plenty of hidden collectibles to be found in Life is Strange: True Colors. These memories are scattered throughout each chapter.

As Alex has empathic abilities in Life is Strange: True Colors, these random objects give him a glimpse of their owner’s feelings. There are 5 to collect in Chapter 4, but don’t worry if any have been missed. Any scene from any chapter can be repeated from the main menu to search for memorabilia and missed trophies / achievements, without affecting players’ previous choices.

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Remember to hold down the button that allows Alex to see emotions when a memory is located (L2 / LT on consoles). This is the power of Alex in Life is Strange: True Colors, and using it will reveal a glow you can interact with. There are 7 Trophies / Achievements which can be earned by finding all Memories in Chapter 4.

All memory locations from Chapter 4 in Life is Strange: True Colors

Memoir 1 – Pressed Rose (Alex’s Apartment)

Life is Strange True Colors Apartment Alex Chen

As soon as the players control Alex, head to the table in the kitchen section of his apartment. The first Memory is a framed pressed rose and hangs on the wall just above the table. Interacting with him will unlock the “Squeezed Rose” trophy / achievement.

Memoir 2 – Drum Kit (Park)

Life is Strange True Colors Spring Festival Alex Chen

After arriving at the Spring Festival and chatting with Steph and Ryan, turn around and interact with the drums on stage to pop the “Count Me In” trophy / achievement. Players can also help the man guess how many jelly beans there are to unlock another one.

Memory 3 – Microphone (Park)

Life is Strange True Colors Spring Festival Alex Chen

After the drums, head to the back of the stage to find a microphone. This contains a pretty big memory of Jed and experiencing it will unlock the “Before God and Everyone” trophy / achievement. Players can then return to the central festival area to pick up a rose and choose Steph or Ryan to give it away if they want to start a romance with one of them.

Memoir 4 – Polaroid (Black Lantern Bar)

Life is Strange True Colors alex chen black lantern bar

The fourth keepsake requires players to leave the Spring Festival celebrations for a short time, and as the location of the Valkyrie Dish’s memory in Chapter 3 of Life is Strange: True Colors, it’s a bit difficult to spot. Players must leave the park and return to the Black Lantern Bar.

The Memory is a Ryan and Jed Polaroid, and it’s in the back, on a wall next to the washroom. It is linked to the “Birthday Boy” trophy / achievement. While Alex is there, she can find Duckie in the area with the pool table and help him return to the festival.

Memoir 5 – CIT sticker (Back of flower shop window)

Life is Strange True Colors Main Street Florist Alex Chen

Another easily missed memento from Chapter 4 can be found on a window at the back of the flower shop, near the Flower Bridge. It’s in the area near the potted plants, and interacting with it will bring up the “Proud Parent” trophy / achievement. Riley is at the nearby bus stop if the players want to convince her to stay or just say goodbye. After returning to the festival and completing this section, players will soon decide whether to take Pike’s Fear or sign the Affidavit.

As each chapter is available to play at launch, Life is Strange: True Colors is, hopefully, the next chapter in episodic games. Players can immediately move on to the next act and start looking for other collectibles. Finding all 5 Memories from Chapter 4 will earn players the “Emotional Archaeologist” Trophy / Achievement, and once each in-game memory has been found, “Haven Historian” will be unlocked.

Life is Strange: True Colors is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and will release later for Switch.

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