Lexington firefighter reflects on department celebrations


LEXINGTON, Ky.-The Lexington Fire Department celebrates 150 years of service and work in the community.

For over 15 years Jordan Saas, Public Information Officer, Lexington Fire Department Battalion Commander, has served the community.

What would you like to know

  • Lexington Fire Department celebrates 150 years in Lexington
  • The Lexington Fire Department has 24 neighborhood fire stations
  • Firefighters reflect on photos, plaques and equipment over the years at the station
  • Jordan Saas served for the firefighters for 15 years

“This is a 1926 Ahrens Fox MS-4 model which is a triple combination pump. And you can see in this photo how it is used and where it has been used,” Saas said.

Reflecting on the equipment, photos and plates, Saas says this month the department is celebrating 150 years in Lexington. Saas says that over these years the fire department has become a family and, as a family, he says the community is their priority.

“This is why we sign up for this job, this profession, this career is to give back to the community and hopefully make a person’s bad day better, whatever ability that sounds like, we want to just make people’s bad day better, ”Saas said.

The Lexington Fire Department has 24 fire stations in neighborhoods throughout the community. Saas says over the past 15 years he has been able to make connections within the community and says he is honored to follow in the footsteps of other Lexington firefighters over the years.

“Community is essential to our survival. Again, as I mentioned before, we exist because of and for the community. Every time they call, we introduce ourselves and we are proud to serve this community, ”Saas said.

The Lexington Fire Department will be hosting events throughout the month to celebrate 150 years.


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