Katie Hopkins’ pay-or-play clause means she’s about to pocket the full $ 200,000 fee

Sleeping Giants was one of the key factors that led to Alan Jones leaving 2GB.Credit:Louise Kennerley

Sleeping Giants was one of the key factors leading to the departure of Alain jones of 2 GB, which is part of Nine Entertainment, which also owns this banner. Advertisers of Jones’ show were forced to stop advertising after being accused of intimidating Sydney Opera House chief executive Louise herron in 2018.

Jones then apologized for his comments on Herron, but it wasn’t until he left the airwaves last year that several of the advertisers targeted returned to 2GB.

After Hopkins’ rants, Sleeping Giants singled out top Seven advertisers including Woolworths, Optus, Toyota, and McDonald’s. These companies are also heavily invested in broadcasting the network’s Tokyo Olympics, which is already facing challenges due to the pandemic and fears it will affect viewing.

Sleeping Giants also honored the big stars of Seven, including Big Brother host Sonia kruger, Sunrise co-hosts Nathalie Barr and David koch, with news readers Marc Ferguson and Michael usher, demanding that they protest their network’s sponsorship of Hopkins, who was already famous for making confrontational, racist and inflammatory comments in Britain long before they set foot in Australia.

There is no doubt that everything unfolding from its neighboring suite at the Meriton has been Caitlyn jenner, which was also flown to Sydney for the Big Brother series, with the Duchess of Sussex’s half-brother, Thomas “rent a quote” Markle jnr.

Caitlyn Jenner is in Sydney for Seven's Big Brother.

Caitlyn Jenner is in Sydney for Seven’s Big Brother.

Unlike Hopkins, Jenner has been a good quarantine girl, only posting on social media her candidacy to become governor of California since moving to Sydney, which is odd in itself, given she chose to put in quarantine and then shoot a reality show halfway around the world rather than campaigning.

The key omission from the Leckie tributes

Even as tributes and accolades poured in for the irascible but disarming and endearing television boss David Leckie after his death early Tuesday morning, a bridge remained in disrepair: his old friendship with the billionaire James packer.

James Packer and David Leckie faced off in 2009.

James Packer and David Leckie faced off in 2009.Credit:AFR News

While the likes of the former News Corp boss John hartigan, ex-senator Graham Richardson, Nine boss Mike Sneesby and the billionaire owner of Seven Kerry Stokes everything got lyrical about “Dave The Wave”, it was Packer’s deafening silence that spoke volumes about the relationship between the two.

They had once had a close bond with the young Packer “mentored” by Leckie when he was running Nine.

But it was during the birthday celebrations of another Australian TV broker, the late Sam chisholm in 2009 at the Sydney Opera House, when the misunderstanding between Packer and Leckie erupted in public.

At the time, Leckie was Managing Director of Channel 7, years after being fired from the same position at Nine, then owned by Packer, in 2001.

When Leckie saw Packer at Chisholm’s party, he went to say hello, only to see the billionaire’s face take on a crimson hue and his hands shake with rage. Packer told Leckie to “fk off!”, His booming voice causing momentary silence in the crowded VIP room.

Word was that Packer had taken offense at the way the Leckie’s Seven network reported on its affairs.

Skye and David Leckie, then CEO of Channel Seven, when The Star opened in 2011.

Skye and David Leckie, then CEO of Channel Seven, when The Star opened in 2011.Credit:Andrew Quilty

This was just one of many chapters in the life and times of Leckie, who bid farewell to a private funeral by his immediate family, including his second wife. Skye, their two sons Harry and Ben, and his eldest son Tim leckie, from his first marriage.

The stories of Leckie’s larger-than-life personality are no better than those of the late 1990s, when he arrived at the annual cocktail party that Nine had traditionally hosted at the chic Carlton Hotel in Cannes during the love story. annual television industry.

Among the guests were Prince edward, a slew of American and European bigwigs from powerful studios and the mayor of Cannes.


Leckie took the stage to address the crowd, starting with: “Welcome freeloaders and dinosaurs… This is my first visit to Cannes and it will be my last. The place is a dumping ground! Midem Reed [the organisers] Have been ripping us off for years, as have hotels and restaurants, and we’re sick of it.

He happily added that the “Poms” had the worst TV in the world and were “totally put together themselves”, before ending his jubilant 15-minute tirade, but not before the mayor of Cannes stormed off.

But it was his beloved “Skysie” who could see through the grumpy act.

Skye Macleod at the time worked as David Jones’ glamorous PR boss and would later recall how, over a boardroom lunch, “that cheeky big guy” came in and the fireworks display. proverbial broke. In 1995, during a visit to New York together, Leckie asked him to marry her. Luckily, she said yes, as he had secretly taken care of all the preparations and paperwork before leaving Sydney.

Body hair

Elle Macpherson and Andrew Wakefield.

Elle Macpherson and Andrew Wakefield.Credit:Twitter

Elle Macpherson’s boyfriend, the notorious anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield, continues to cause headaches for health officials around the world battling COVID, with its latest promotion of an anti-vaxxing documentary now carrying official fact-checking warnings on Instagram after falsely claiming multiple executives Global had disappeared since denying the threat of the pandemic.

During this time, she promoted the benefits of her magical green powdered supplements on her trademark mane, although some of her less lovable fans also pointed out that she also benefited from the magic of weaves and extensions of hair.

The Block is going to Byron?

It’s still a long way off but PS can confirm the producers of The block have researched potential sites for a future series of the show in Byron Bay.

Byron Bay bound?  Scott Cam from The Block.

Byron Bay bound? Scott Cam from The Block.

While a horrified resident claimed that his old house, which he had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to renovate, was soon ready for the wrecking ball to shoot the series, no deal was signed. The show’s bosses must weigh the costs of moving the production, which has been based in Melbourne for years, to the resort town to see if the idea is viable. Byron Bay is also not the only place outside of Melbourne that they are investigating.

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