Justin Tucker backs John Harbaugh’s decision not to let him give an extra point to tie the game

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When the Ravens decide to go for two or score an extra point, a factor in favor of the kick is that they have the best kicker in NFL history, Justin tucker, whose 98.5% success rate since extra points got tougher in 2015 is the league’s highest around this time.

So some might have expected Tucker to push for permission to score the extra point on Sunday, when Ravens coach John Harbaugh opted to make two with the Ravens behind the Packers by one point. in the last minute. But Tucker says he totally agrees with Harbaugh’s decision.

I fully support him“Tucker told the official team podcast.” Everyone on our team is fully backing the double because you have the chance to put the game aside right away. “

Tucker said he heard the controversy surrounding Harbaugh’s decision and enjoyed the conversation, but wouldn’t question his coach.

“Of course there are a lot of people who have their opinions and comments on this,” Tucker said. “But it’s one of those things where, if you’re a part of it, a member of the team, if you’re a part of it, you just understand it’s movement. You go for two and put the game away. If that doesn’t work, you pick up the pieces and move on. “

Where Harbaugh went wrong, however, was sending Tucker to score the extra point when the Ravens scored a touchdown earlier in the fourth quarter to cut the deficit from 14 to 8. If Harbaugh wanted to put in two, he should have gone for two, to try and reduce the deficit to 6. That way, if the Ravens had scored both, all they would have needed was Tucker’s extra point to win the game after their next touchdown. And if the Ravens had missed both, they still could have tied the game with a two-point conversion after their next touchdown.

Harbaugh’s decision making was therefore not ideal. Even though his kicker agreed.

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