Interesting Autographed Michael Jordan Merchandise From The 1986-87 Season Sells For A Crazy Million Dollars

Sports cards are a trendy collectible for any sports fan, and a Michael Jordan card just broke all records after selling for $1 million.

The world of collectibles is huge. People all over the world collect a variety of things, from coins to stamps to action figures.

One of the most popular collectibles is cards, specifically sports cards. The sports card industry is huge, with many insanely priced vintage cards on the market.

Recently, a sale of insane proportions took place. In particular, a sale around a rare Michael Jordan rookie card.

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A Michael Jordan rookie card has been sold for a record $1.008 million

Michael Jordan is by far the most popular athlete in basketball, and maybe even sports in general. The man is widely regarded as the GOAT and is a fan favorite even to this day.

As such, it’s no surprise that sports fans around the world are always looking for things to buy related to it. Well, a fan just made a record $1.008 million purchase to own a signed MJ rookie card.

The card in question is a 1986-87 Fleer Jordan rookie card. This happens to be one of 23 signed cards released by the Fleer company. The sale of these cards exploded after the documentary “Last Dance”.

It’s truly amazing how far the world of sports collectibles has come thanks to His Airness.

Michael Jordan’s 1998 NBA Finals jersey sold for $10 million

A $1 million MJ card is a big deal. However, that’s nothing compared to the $10 million a fan spent on Jordan’s 1998 NBA Finals jersey.

Michael Jeffery Jordan has truly changed the sports world. It’s hard to imagine what might have happened if he hadn’t played basketball.

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