Instagram tests NFT-style ‘fan club’ stories and ‘collectibles’ in the app

Instagram appears to be working on a few different experiments aimed at boosting in-app interaction and capitalizing on the rise of NFTs, or digital products, in the feed.

First, Instagram is experimenting with a new Stories option called “fan club” stories, which would allow users to post exclusive Stories content that can only be viewed by members of an approved fan club or group.

As you can see in this example, shared by the app finder Alexander Paluzzi, the fan club stories would only be visible to group members, while users would not be able to take screenshots of these exclusive story posts.

This would add another option to the current Instagram Stories options. For now, you can set your entire profile to “Private”, so that only your followers can see your stories, or you can create a “Close Friends” list for more intimate sharing of stories, as opposed to sharing. public. This new option would add another category, which appears to be aligned with Instagram’s larger push to add more tools for creators to monetize their efforts on the platform, with paid members likely added to the fan list. club, where you could then share exclusive content,

We don’t have much to do at this point, but based on Paluzzi’s previous findings, we’ll likely get more information from Instagram in the next month or so.

In addition to this, Paluzzi also discovered a new ‘Collectibles‘options in the tests.

Instagram Collectibles

As noted, the option appears to be tied to the current NFT craze and apparently would allow Instagram users to bid on streaming digital items.

Again, we don’t have much to do at this point, so this is largely speculation, but it seems like a new way to encourage digital art purchases by facilitating a way to showcase them on Instagram, with the Collectibles tag added to Stories when shared.

This could spark new in-app engagement and buying behaviors, and again, help digital creators make more money from their work by allowing them to present such auctions to more than one. billion Instagram users.

In this context, this makes perfect sense, and with the platform looking to encourage more in-app shopping behavior, it can be another way to get people to spend and share artwork. digital continuously.

We’ve asked Instagram for more information on both options and will update this post if / when we hear from us.

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