How can C-Stores sell bigger beer packs to customers?


Appropriate signage that highlights the urgency, time-limited stocks, and savings opportunities will grab the attention of consumers.

Each season is beer season, each with its own opportunities to upsell larger packages of favorite beers. Window, store and pump signage is a retailer’s best friend in persuading customers to pick up 12-18 packs or cases so they have their favorite refreshment close at hand for any occasion .

During the pandemic, bigger packs and cases sold like gangbusters. You can create a sense of urgency at any time by building your promotional efforts around a theme of “Don’t burn out before the season does”. The season could refer to sports, vacation, summer and barbecue.

Place signs on the doors of your coolers and on mobile coolers where individual bottles and cans are sold, directing customers to the beer safe for larger packs. If larger packages are inexpensively priced in the store, display a sign on the cooler door suggesting to customers “Save in the Cellar.” Continue by posting signage for discounted items in the safe.

Make sure the most popular national, craft and local brands are always well stocked in the cave. Large packages should be neatly stacked and lit with good lighting so that customers can quickly and easily find the label they are looking for.

Separate macro brands from crafts and local brands to promote the search for something new. Promote limited-time and seasonal offers.

Signage in snack aisles and eating areas (especially where family meals and snacks are sold) may also sell more beer. Train registry staff to suggest visiting the vault for larger packages to customers checking one or two bottles.

Finally, feature the theme “Don’t Miss Before The Season Does It” in your external print advertising when you feature your top-selling brands and great pricing. And promote bigger packs of top-selling beers in social media posts.


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