History museum commemorates Northwest Airlines’ former Saturday sale

The days of Northwest Airlines flew beyond the horizon, but sometimes even the horizons are never lost.

On Friday, Bruce Kitt of the Northwest Airlines History Center displayed some of the memorabilia from the museum’s collectibles sale on Saturday. They include a book on the history of early airlines, sketches of its later planes, and even printed timetables of past flights.

“There’s an online game where you can start your own airline, and these become reference material for people to build point A to point B flights,” Kitt said.

All from an airline industry where some of the biggest players have taken off from Minnesota.

“Northwest was first, then I placed Northcentral second, Republic, then Sun Country,” Kitt said.

Nostalgia is as big as old jets.

In many ways, these are memories. Once upon a time, if you had ever sat in a first-class seat on a flight from the Northwest to Asia, you probably would have gotten a set of chopsticks. These are also for sale.

“We also have posters that have been donated for other airlines that don’t fit in our collection,” Kitt added.

There’s something for just about everyone, including kids. “Kids 12 and under, we’re going to give them a glider, a little glider, and a set of Northwest Airlines airplane maps that they’ve provided,” Kitt said.

All this at a time when travel memories were painted with blue skies and red tails. “We think it will be a good day for everyone.”

The sale takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

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