History comes to life during Steel Weekend in Bethlehem | Regional News from Lehigh Valley

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – On the grounds of the former Bethlehem Steel factory, more than 100 years of history come to life.

“It’s the celebration of steel, an obviously very popular topic here,” said Glenn Koehler, marketing director of the National Museum of Industrial History. “We celebrate these steel workers, the story behind what they did, and current steel and steel manufacturing practices.”

The National Museum of Industrial History draws crowds from all walks of life for its Steel Weekend this Saturday and Sunday.

“It really hit the world, you look at the New York skyline like 85% of it was built with Bethlehem Steel,” Koehler said.

For author and Bethlehem resident Bob Wilt, the factory is where his father worked for 46 years.

“I have visited the factory quite often,” said Wilt.

Wilt was able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the height of his time, capturing photos of the interior that were hidden from the public eye.

Today, he provides insight with several books he has written.

“This area was really 100% dependent on this business and kept this idea alive,” Wilt said.

Today, he keeps this legacy alive, sharing it with many generations to come.

“It is a tribute to seeing plaques and memorabilia designed specifically to keep the spirit alive, even though the factory has disappeared and many buildings have been demolished, it is important to keep this idea promoted through local cultures, ”Wilt said.

The Steel Weekend will continue at the museum until Sunday.

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