Grocery Stores Across Industries See Supply Chain Problems Heading For Holiday Season

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Grocery stores are among many industries struggling with supply chain issues ahead of what is typically the busiest time of year as the holidays approach.

Some in the industry warn that you may not find certain items you were looking for.

Friday was a busy afternoon in North Philadelphia as grocery shoppers stocked up on merchandise for the week ahead.

But many customers say they can’t find all of the items they were looking for and instead find some bare shelves.

“It’s become a problem. You have people fighting in lines and stuff and racing for food,” said Eric Gibson of North Philadelphia.

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Alex Baloga, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association, says supply chain issues aren’t exclusive to Philadelphia.

“It’s really a national and international problem, and there are a lot of factors to it,” Baloga said. “There are labor shortages. Some of the factories that make these items may have the ingredients but don’t necessarily have the manpower to produce as many.

Economists say supply chain problems are global.

“You see glass production in China coming to a halt due to closures due to the pandemic. This is causing shortages for the food industry, shortages for the liquor industry,” said Kamins of Moody’s Analytics. “Until we can get past the pandemic, get past the intermittent closures, get past China by closing ports, things like that, it’s going to be hard to get out of this.”

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