Green Bay is his Gotham

Wes, what’s the best drink to consume while writing II?

It’s 9:45, Lori, and we’re drinking a Starbucks flat white that I picked up on the way home from the office after realizing Friday’s inbox wasn’t quite finished yet.

The Davante Adams trade news shocked me with how quickly it unfolded. What do you think if the Packers made a good trade?

I don’t have an answer right now, Mike. There have been a series of failed deals in recent days, so I’ll pause and wait for confirmation on all of that before commenting on what the future holds for the Packers and Davante Adams. As I look at this laptop, I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind. But they are mostly memories. Whether I worked at the Press-Gazette or for the team, Davante was always friendly with me and just about everyone on the beat. I remember giving it a D-minus in my 2015 Press-Gazette ratings and then starting work for the team three months later. Awkward. But Davante never held it against me. Fans see the All-Pro receiver, but Adams is also one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the Packers locker room. A few years ago, I was there during off-hours for an interview when Davante called me from across the room. I rushed to his locker because I thought he needed something. He just goes, ‘No, I’m just saying what’s going on.’ It’s Tae. Over the years we have learned more and more about his upbringing and history. What you learn is that Davante is a young man who overcame a lot of adversity to get where he is and I think those humble beginnings shaped him into the man he is today. . The profile I did on him for the 2017 Packers Yearbook remains one of my favorite stories I’ve written since coming to So if there is a contract that will make Adams the highest paid receiver in the NFL, I will be the first to say congratulations and he deserves it. All other football analysis can wait. I have two more inboxes to clear before Spoff returns. For now, my only comment is just a simple thank you to Davante. Thanks for being cool. Please treat us with respect. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your world over the past eight years.

Joe Schobert was released by the Steelers. I was a fan of his on the Browns and would love to see him sign and be paired with De’Vondre Campbell. What kind of market do you think he would require? But, in counterpoint, how do you think Krys Barnes has evolved?

Schobert has played so much football compared to his young age (28) so I think he will continue to have a good market. At the same time, I felt having Campbell in the lowest role brought out the best in Barnes last year. Remarkably, Barnes has 161 career tackles on just 947 snaps. He is a smart and savvy player who is playing faster than any time he has been clocked. And I’m glad Campbell is back too. I feel like the Packers and Campbell were made for each other. Last year, Campbell said it was the first time he was allowed to be “Batman” in a defense. Well, Batman is here to stay and Green Bay is his Gotham.

With so few high O-line draft picks over the years, yet near-eternal success on that front, it’s clear that our O-line coaches are effective teachers. It’s too easy to suggest that other teams narrowly missed all of these guys. Our coaches transform hidden potential into success! To what extent will Adam Stenavich still be able to work with the linemen as O coordinator this year? Or should he essentially hand over the reins to Luke Butkus and trust that he “taught the professor?”

General managers, head coaches and quarterbacks have changed, but the one constant has been that Green Bay has talented offensive linemen – and offensive line coaches. James Campen and Stenavich are two of the best in the business. Stenavich and Butkus have a great rapport and working relationship. While Butkus will handle day-to-day offensive lineman development, Stenavich is still an O-line coach at heart. He will continue to work with this unit one way or another.

I’m so proud to have Randall Cobb on our team! This man is an unquestionably loyal weapon for the Vert et Or. We had to endure development stages and declines for years from our other wide outings, but Randall won us over from the start. We should all be excited and grateful to have such talent here simply because he wants to be a Packer and not the millions of dollars that could be made elsewhere.

Cobb’s interview with Taylor Rogers on Packers POV near the end of the season was powerful and reinforced what it meant for the veteran receiver to return to Green Bay. Because even though Cobb is a professional athlete, I think most of us have been in a situation at some point in our lives where you would like a second chance. Cobb got this last season with the Packers and he’s proven to be a great addition to that roster on and off the court. You can never have enough Randall Cobbs on your roster, especially now.

Nathan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hello Mike! After the past week and more, I never want to hear again how badly the Packers don’t want to go all-in to chase a championship. Also, looking at your article on free agency, I wondered, since other teams aren’t necessarily as careful in how they announce “news”, what source should you see before reporting that another team signed a free agent from the Packers?

There are three sources I use: another NFL team’s website, confirmation from a general manager or head coach, or the NFL deal feed. It’s important now more than ever with everything that’s happened in the past few days.

Tom from Douglassville, Pennsylvania

Now that Za’Darius Smith has opted out of his contract with the Ravens, is there any chance we’ll sign him to a one-year deal? He is coming out of the big injury year.

I doubt Z would have given up a four-year contract with Baltimore to sign a proven contract elsewhere. Edge rushers are making a lot of money this offseason. I imagine there is a bag of money waiting for Z in the open market.

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