Game of Thrones Ser Jonah Mormont figure hits three zero


We return to the world of knights and dragons as threezero unveils its all new 1/6 scale Game of thrones figure. Ser Jorah Mormont arrived from season 8, wearing a finely tailored outfit and a strong resemblance to Iain Glen. With a height of 12 “, Game of Thrones fans will have fun adding Jorah to their collection. For accessories, he will come with a hooded cape, broadsword, Heartsbane and a variety of interchangeable hands. With a large attention to detail, aging effect, and a great set of accessories that will stand out when posed with other 1/6 scale Game of Thrones action figures. Threezero has already set up pre-orders for these figures for $ 199.99; fans can find them here.threezero’s other 1/6 scale GOT figures to help you build your amazing collection.

Game of Thrones – 1/6 Ser Jorah Mormont (Season 8) The Ser Jorah Mormont 1 / 6th scale collectible figure features an authentic likeness of the character’s appearance in Season 8 of the hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones as portrayed by actor Iain Glen. The series’ award-winning costumes are carefully reproduced in bespoke garments with intricately detailed textures and weathering that have become the impressive foundation of threezero’s Game of Thrones line of collectibles. “

Game of Thrones Ser Jorah Mormont 1/6 scale collection details:

  • 12 “(30.8 cm) tall
  • Fully articulated figure
  • Realistic head sculpture
  • Tailored clothing with finely detailed textures and weathering


  • Breastplate
  • Pauldrons
  • Faux leather shirt
  • Faux leather skirt
  • Three belts
  • Trousers
  • Boots


  • Hooded cape
  • Sword
  • Heartsbane sword with scabbard

Exchangeable hands:

  • Two pairs to hold the swords
  • A pair of relaxed hands
  • A pair of fists
  • A pair of splayed hands

Materials used: ABS, PVC, POM, magnet and fabric

Package dimensions: ~ (W230 x H320 x D110) mm (1.1 kg)

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