Former Fable Developer Finds His Own Memorial Plaque on Ebay After It Was Suspected Stolen in 2012

Luckily, he didn’t have to pay the asking price of £995.

Mike Ducker, a programmer of all original Fable games released by Lionhead, has been reunited with a commemorative plaque given to him after the first Fable was released after being told it was listed on eBay for £995.

On Twitter, Ducker, who now works with Glowmade, shared a photo of the memorial plaque, which shows the first Fable’s cover art and disc framed alongside a message thanking him for his work on the game. Ducker explained that the plate had been suspected stolen since 2010 until it was recently posted on eBay.

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As PC Gamer pointed out, we can actually use the Wayback Machine to see the now-deleted listing on eBay, where the seller was asking £995 for the plate. Ducker said he contacted the seller and ended up paying the same price he paid, about 10% of what he asked on eBay.


Ducker explained the situation in a thread, saying“The plaque I was given for making Fable is missing, believed to have been stolen since 2010. It ended up at a recycling center auction in Northampton around 2014 and then ended up in a collection until it went up for sale on eBay recently, where a game developer I I had never met, saw him and said… I would never have thought I would see him again and it is so unlikely that I ever did”.

While it’s certainly good news that Ducker found something rightfully his, he had to give a little to get the plaque back, revealing he paid more than they asked and threw a standee. Fable 1 that he had as part of his collection. Still, considering the price the listing was originally at, it’s just good news to see the plate back in good hands.

Oddly enough, Ducker isn’t the only former Lionhead dev missing a Fable memorial plaque, as Neil Grevvit, who is listed as working on Fable: The Lost Chapters, asked if the seller had any other plates as he hadn’t seen his in years.

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