Five 2021 Chicago Bears moments to remember and forget

A football season is a series of games, with each game stacked on top of each other, and then each game stacked on top of another.

Within these game repeats, there are moments of brilliance and complete disaster.

Here are the five moments to remember from a 6-11 Bears 2021 season and the five moments you would forget, if you could.

As expected, it was much harder to find the five moments to forget because there were way too many to consider.

Five Bears 2021 Moments to remember

1. Justin Fields’ Go-Ahead TD Pass vs. Steelers

Fields came out of the pocket on the left as pass blocking broke down and on the left move on first down from the 16-yard line he identified a touchdown pass just inside the boundary from the left end zone to Darnell Mooney as the Bears took a 27-26 lead over Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for the Bears, the moment wasn’t as memorable as it could have been as the defense crumbled and provided a drive to the winning field goal. But the fact that Fields seized the opportunity in the clutch and threw a TD pass to his body while moving to the left, leading Mooney perfectly with the game on the line fueled hope for the future. Before he was fired, coach Matt Nagy was still bubbling over the way Fields looked at him and smiled just before stepping onto the field before practice. Either he liked the confidence Fields showed before that ride, or he just liked someone smiling at him instead of shouting “Fire Nagy.”

2. The Week 8 TD Race vs. San Francisco

A 22-yard run from Justin Fields TD against San Francisco was vintage Lamar Jackson. Heck, it was even a Gale Sayers or Barry Sanders type race. Fields showcased his 4.4-second speed in the 40-yard dash going right, back left, then leaving the 49ers sprawled all over the field. Just like with Fields’ best assist, his best run came in a 33-22 loss. This piece was just sick.

3. Robert Quinn’s 18th sack

The Bears defense had its share of tough times, but a shining moment came when Quinn picked up the No. 18 sack against the New York Giants, a strip-sack from Mike Glennon. The historical value alone put it at the top of the charts as it broke Richard Dent’s 37-year-old record. When the official All-Pro team rolls out of AP, it’s possible that this year’s 18 1/2 sacks could get Quinn there. He might even get votes for Returning Player of the Year considering he only had two sacks last year.

4. 2-yard TD pass from Justin Fields to Jesper Horsted

There were only 2 meters. Nothing to get too excited about, is it? Wrong. This Week 5 TD pass of the season was Justin Fields’ first-ever TD pass, and the Bears have to hope there are plenty more to come with a new coaching staff in the future. The TD put the Bears ahead for good in a tight game, and later Fields took the 20-9 victory over the Raiders with a key third conversion on a pass to Darnell Mooney.

5. Jakeem Grant’s 97-yard punt return

The first of only two punt return touchdowns this season in the NFL also set the team record for longest punt return for the league’s founding franchise, and came against Green Bay in a 45 loss. -30. Considering the Bears have had brilliant returning men throughout their existence, like Devin Hester, it’s saying something to have one this long for a record. Grant had to dance inside his own 5-yard line first right then left before breaking free on the sidelines.

Five Bears 2021 Moments to Forget

1. Aaron Rodgers 6-yard run

The piece “I still own you”. Rodgers came back to the right in the run and the Bears got Green Bay straight back into the end zone from 75 yards out in the fourth quarter with 4:30 remaining, after Fields rallied them at 17-14 on a 5-yard Pass TD to Mooney. Afterwards, Rodgers started shouting “I still own you”, and after the match he made up a story blaming his immature behavior on a woman making obscene gestures at him. Like people don’t do that in every stadium in the world to opposing players anyway. The bird is the sweetest thing Packer fans send Bears players to Lambeau. Rodgers’ response wasn’t spontaneous with the question, coming several seconds after he had another response for the reporter. It all felt like he was using a few seconds to conjure up a different story. It wasn’t the last time Rodgers told a big story in 2021.

2. Deebo Samuel’s 83-yard screen pass

Hope still existed with the Bears 3-4 on the year but leading 16-9 at home in the third quarter. They rolled back San Francisco and faced third-and-19 to their own 16 and the 49ers threw a wide receiver screen to Samuel left at the line of scrimmage. He broke 83 yards at the 1-yard line against a Roquan Smith blitz commanded by Sean Desai. No one stepped in to slow or alter Samuel’s run until DeAndre Houston-Carson knocked him out at 1. The sure-shot touchdown sparked 24 points on four possessions for the Niners and the game went 33 -22, leaving the Bears far behind in the hunt for the joker.

3. Jadeveon Clowney 10 Yard Field Bag

Or you can choose one of eight other times Fields went to the grass for lost yardage in this game due to a sack. It was only the first and predicted what was to come. Nine sacks from Fields in his first NFL start came as Nagy insisted on going with five-man pass protection all day while his rookie starter was badly beaten by blitz and rushers from Cleveland Point. It wasn’t just a moment to forget. The 26-6 loss was an entire game to forget. And luckily for the Bears, that was the last time Nagy was the caller of the game as he waived it the following week.

4. Kindle Vildor’s lost landmarks

With the Bears still possessing an outside shot in the wild card race, Andy Dalton rallied them with a fourth and 11-bomb TD from 49 yards to Marquise Goodwin with 1:41 left. However, Kindle Vildor somehow lost coverage to Sammy Watkins on third-and-12 of the Bears 32. He allowed a 29-yard completion at the 3-yard line, and the short TD run with 22 seconds left was gave the Ravens a 16-13 win, leaving the Bears 3-7 and almost mathematically out of it with their fifth straight loss.

5. Cassius Marsh Taunt Penalty

There were plenty of other miserable moments to consider here, like Eddie Jackson and Tashaun Gipson failing to touch Van Jefferson in Game 1 in Los Angeles or rookie tackle Teven Jenkins acting as a toll for Preston Smith on a Fields’ blind tape sack in Green Bay in his first action. But one Bears fan will take with them forever is how Marsh, a street free agent signed after the loss of Khalil Mack to a foot injury, was wronged by official Tony Corrente . A sack Marsh had at the Bears 45 would force a punt and the Bears would have a chance to drive for the win or tie. Instead, Corrente called Marsh a mockery as he stared at his former team’s bench after the game, and the resulting first down gave the Steelers a field goal for a 26- 20. They finally needed those three points or else they would have had to score a touchdown on their last drive instead of getting a 40-yard field goal to win it. It was just one of many terrible calls made against the Bears in the game. In the end, Bears fans can now smile a little. Corrente retired.

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