Erie Redevelopment Authority Seeks American Rescue Plan Funding to Improve Housing Situation in City

Help may be on the way for homeowners and residents of Erie.

The Erie Redevelopment Authority is seeking $ 15 million from the Erie City Council’s US bailout to improve the housing situation in the city.

This project will of course require the approval of the members of the Erie City Council.

This is why the people in charge of the Redevelopment Authority put the finishing touches to the project.

The money from the US bailout is being used to provide additional support to communities suffering from the pandemic.

The Erie Redevelopment Authority is in the process of creating a housing plan that includes eight different concepts to help the residents of the city of Erie.

“Mitigation of the plague, some home loan programs, some lead risk control programs, some new production housing entrepreneur incubation programs for minority entrepreneurs,” said Aaron Snippert, executive director of the Redevelopment Authority.

From home owners, the project also aims to improve the current living situation of people.

“Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes.” He says people are spending more time at home due to COVID. You know they are sensitive to their homes and the conditions they find themselves in. So they need to be taken care of, ”Snippert said.

Kathy Wyrosdick, the city’s planning director, said the area of ​​interest for the dilapidated properties will be north of 26th Street, with the exception of the Frontier community.

“There is funding for the elimination of late blight. So basically demolition and property acquisition. We have hundreds of properties that are buried in the ground and we don’t have or never had the proper funding to deal with them, ”said Kathy Wyrosdick, Planning Director for the City of Erie.

Organizations in the region were able to provide feedback to the Redevelopment Authority after reviewing the plans.

“I think they’ve taken a really good holistic approach to thinking about all the different pieces that are needed to improve all of Erie’s neighborhoods,” said Anna Frantz, executive director of Our West Bayfront.

The next steps for the Redevelopment Authority are to schedule a study session with Erie City Council to discuss the project in more detail.

Currently, there is no date set for the meeting.

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