DVIDS – News – San Carlos Apache Tribe Officials, 3rd LAR honors Fall Marine with dedication to construction

Peridot District, San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona — A platoon of U.S. Marines with the 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (LAR), 1st Marine Division, participate in a dedication ceremony for the Michael A. Noline, in honor of Pfc. Michael A. Noline, a deceased member of their battalion at the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona, May 14, 2022.

Noline, a member of the San Carlos Apache tribe, served as a light armored vehicle (LAV) crew member with the 3rd Light Armored Infantry Battalion from 1990 to 1991. Noline deployed with the battalion in support of Operation Desert Storm and was killed in action on January 26, 1991.

“Coming here to help dedicate this building in the name of Pfc. Noline is a realization of the reality of this stuff,” said Sgt. Brandon D. Tranum, the color sergeant of 3rd LAR Battalion. “You see everyone getting emotional in the audience because it’s super real to them.”

“I feel humbled to be here.”

During the ceremony, the Marines presented the American flag and the Marine Corps flag with the battalion color guard and took their place among the audience as leaders of the San Carlos Apache tribe, members of Noline’s family. , members of the Wolf Pack Association and Lt. Col. Zebulon Philpott, commander of The 3rd LAR Battalion delivered his remarks in honor of Noline. Tribal leaders received three plaques from the Wolfpack Association to commemorate the day. The Wolfpack Association is a non-profit organization that connects past and current members of the 3rd LAR Battalion.

“The plaques were designed as shields, the first plaque you saw represents the past which was the 3rd Light Armored Infantry Battalion, the second represents today’s 3rd LAR and the third plaque is the Wolf Pack Association itself,” Tranum said.

“For everyone here today, it’s amazing to see the influence of just one person,” said Cory Noline, son of Noline. “The influence of a Marine.”

Tribal officials decided to name the building after Noline to honor his memory and his service to the tribe and the nation. The community building will serve as a place for a variety of needs for all residents of the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation.

“They wanted to make a building that was going to be of great use to the community and they wanted to dedicate it in the father’s name,” Cory said. “Hearing this, I had worked with the Wolf Pack Association.”

“I contacted them, their president and he contacted the 3rd LAR and asked if you could attend this with us.”

After the ceremony, attendees had lunch together, shared stories and took photos to commemorate the occasion.

“Everyone here is mostly Navy veterans, Army veterans and they all get it,” Tranum said. “They lived the same life we ​​live now.”

“They really made us feel at home.”

After lunch, the Marines and guests toured Noline’s final resting place to pay their last respects before parting ways.

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