Discovery promotes Drew McIntyre during “Shark Week” – Details

We reported last night here on eWn that Drew McIntyre will be appearing on Discovery + for a “Shark Rumble” special during Shark Week on July 11th.

You can check out Discovery’s official press release below:

The SHARK WEEK Shark Stars will be joined by famous co-stars throughout the week including Tiffany Haddish, Brad Paisley, JB Smoove, William Shatner, Eli Roth, the cast of Jackass, Noah Schnapp, Robert Irwin, Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Dr Sandra Lee, Josh Gates, Snoop Dogg, Mark Rober, Chris Rose, David Dobrik and Kinga Philipps

(Los Angeles) – SHARK WEEK, television’s longest-running and anticipated summer event, returns for its 33rd year with bigger sharks and breach records on Sunday July 11 and continues through Sunday July 18 July. With 45 hours of shark programming, the most hours of programming in SHARK WEEK’s history, SHARK WEEK 2021 will take viewers to new places to study and record new shark behaviors that never have been seen on camera before. Ahead of SHARK WEEK, Discovery and discovery + will be celebrating sharks throughout the month with a shark film festival on both platforms, including the Sharknado series, Mega Shark vs Octopus, Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark, 2-Head Shark Attack , 3-Headed Shark Attack which will all be available July 1 on discovery +. JAWS airs July 10 at 8 p.m. ET / PT on Discovery. In addition, the previews of SHARK WEEK, RETURN TO HEADSTONE HELL, MEGA PREDATORS OF OZ and RETURN TO SHARK VORTEX will be available exclusively on July 1 on discovery +.

SHARK WEEK 2021 will offer two documentaries, available exclusively on discovery +. Eli Roth’s powerful and timely documentary FIN will premiere on Thursday, July 13. AT THE END, Roth and a professional group of scientists, researchers and activists sail around the world to unravel the truth behind the deaths of millions of sharks, exposing the criminal enterprise impacting the extinction of misunderstood creatures. FIN features the work of photographer Michael Muller and the support of organizations such as Oceana, Sea Shepherd and WildAid. Oscar® winning director Leonardo DiCaprio is producing the film with actor, producer and shark activist Nina Dobrev and Lionsgate Nonfiction Television chairman and Pilgrim CEO and chairman Craig Piligian. ENVOY: SHARK CULL, premiering July 1, narrated by Eric Bana, follows the biggest names in ocean conservation as they reveal the importance of sharks to our oceans while uncovering the world’s longest marine cull Of the history.

Additionally, the very first shark series, SHARK ACADEMY, premieres Sunday July 11 on discovery + and the shark-themed JOSH GATES TONIGHT episodes return on Sunday July 11 to highlight and explore some of the most popular moments. exciting, shocking and fantastic of SHARK WEEK 2021.

The Discovery Channel continues to be the premier destination for shark programming and works with nearly two dozen of the world’s most respected marine biologists and scientific institutions. SHARK WEEK 2021 will once again offer incredible innovative shark research and compelling information on some of the world’s most remarkable shark species, including the first in utero mark in a gravid tiger shark, a new behavior of potentially new mating and the discovery of an elusive calving ground. Recording shark behaviors that have never been seen on camera before, SHARK WEEK 2021 will take viewers to new places to study new shark behaviors, including bull shark hunting patterns and new heights – capturing the highest breach on record as Discovery celebrates these brilliant creatures.

Check out the incredible SHARK WEEK 2021 lineup below (all shows aired on Discovery will also be available on discovery +):

Sharkbait with David Dobrik (wt) – Broadcast Sunday July 11 exclusively on discovery +

Internet sensation David Dobrik and his friends are on the craziest adventure yet… Diving with SHARKS! Faced with bad weather and bigger sharks than expected, these 20-plus-year-olds quickly wonder, “Why did we participate in Shark Week?” Produced by Pilgrim Media Group.

Crikey! It’s Shark Week – Airs Sunday, July 11 at 8 p.m. ET / PT

Robert Irwin comes face to face with a great white shark for the first time with shark conservationists Paul de Gelder and Madison Stewart. Following in his father’s footsteps, he will get as close as possible to these incredible creatures to determine which supreme predator reigns supreme: the Crocs or the Great Whites? Produced by Eureka Productions.

Tiffany Haddish Does Shark Week – Airs Sunday, July 11 at 9 p.m. ET / PT

Tiffany Haddish hosts shark week! While her fantasy was to uncover the sex secrets of sharks sailing on the fanciest yachts surrounded by friendly sea creatures and pampered by a beautiful newt, she is joined by Dr Toby Daly-Engel, Dr Craig O’Connell, Alannah Vellacott for A Very Shark Awakening. Produced by Will Packer, Will Packer Media and Anomaly Entertainment.

Jackass Shark Week Special (wt) – Airs Sunday, July 11 at 10 p.m. ET / PT

Johnny Knoxville sends Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and the new members of the Jackass cast on a Shark Week mission for the ages. They will compose a series of shark stunts that will test their bravery and pain threshold by challenging common shark myths with the help of Dr. Craig O’Connell. Produced by Jeff Tremaine and Anomaly Entertainment.

Stranger Sharks – Broadcast on Monday, July 12, exclusively on discovery +

Stranger Things’ Mark Rober and Noah Schnapp team up for the ultimate Shark Week adventure… exploring abandoned underwater ruins and man-made man-made reefs in search of the ocean’s strangest sharks. Produced by Spoke Studios.

Air Jaws: Going For Gold – Airing Monday, July 12 at 8 p.m. ET / PT

Narrated by Chris Rose, the Air Jaws crew, Alison Towner, Dickie Chivell, Chris Fallows and Enrico Gennari return to Seal Rock to capture the highest breach on record. Rocket Shark holds the record at 15 feet. Will he come back to jump even higher, or will a new shark claim the title of world’s tallest flying great white shark? Produced by Shark Entertainment.

Jaws Awakens: Phred vs. Slash – Airs Monday, July 12 at 9 p.m. ET / PT

Rumor has it that two of the biggest sharks in existence have recently roamed New Zealand waters, but no one knows which one is the biggest. Brandon McMillan and Dickie Chivell go to see which wins the cake – Phred or Slash? Produced by Anomaly Entertainment.

Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek – Airs Monday, July 12 at 10 p.m. ET / PT

Josh Gates is teaming up with his childhood hero, William Shatner, to boldly go where Shark Week has never gone before. The mission: enter shark infested waters to understand the nature of fear and face a supreme predator. It’s Shark Trek. Produced by Ping Pong Productions.

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