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DesignerCon is back in person this year at the Anaheim Convention Center November 12-14! | Source: DesignerCon / The Pop Insider

by Grace Slansky, DesignerCon

This year’s DesignerCon (DCon) is just around the corner. The upcoming convention, which is the largest toys and collectibles event in the United States, is rocking fans. As the first live show to return to the Anaheim Convention Center – and on the heels of a hugely successful, but very different virtual show in 2020 – DCon is already making headlines, but why stop there?

DesignerCon Exhibition floor | Source: Birdman Photos

For years, DCon has been the go-to event for exclusive art toys and collectibles, creating a reliable fan base who trust the convention to host the best of the best. DCon is a collectibles-based convention dedicated to providing the first exclusive experience to its attendees. They have proven themselves time and time again, being successful even when face-to-face interaction was not possible. The organizers of the convention have proven their commitment and flexibility.

DesignerCon Lounge | Source: Birdman Photos

While DCon remains a staple for collectors, the collectibles themselves have changed a lot, especially recently. Step into the NFT (non-fungible token), or rather step into last year’s NFT boom, a cultural phenomenon and gender reality that has brought digital art to the forefront of pop culture and exhibited a new demographic to the collectibles world! While NFTs and artistic toys retain their important differences, they both cater to the collector, bringing the ever-changing art to the consumer in limited quantities.

Always in search of the best and most complete fan experience, DCon dives headfirst into NFTs this year… but not without help. DCon has partnered with a New Zealand-based digital collection app VeVe to make a splash! Working together, they created a series of DCon exclusives, namely limited edition digital collectibles from all-star DCon artists, IPs and brands.

DesignerCon has partnered with VeVe for exclusive NFTs at the convention! | Source: DesignerCon / VeVe

There was a lot to consider in creating the convention’s first NFT partnership, but DCon’s vision dovetailed perfectly with VeVe’s. The platform was created by artists for artists, which means the focus is on keeping relationships and standards high. With a cross between collectors, an incredibly simple and user-friendly buying process, and alignment of core business values, the partnership works! With the VeVe app, collectors can easily buy and sell limited edition digital collectibles, which can be displayed in a virtual showroom for viewing online or in augmented reality, allowing users to browse their own personal collection. With the ability to use US dollars and a user-friendly interface, making it clear that VeVe is basically the collector.

In line with this mission to meet the needs of the individual consumer, VeVe sets itself apart from others in the NFT space through its commitment to 100% carbon neutral NFTs. In a space often marked by ecological damage and disregard for the environment, VeVe’s position is refreshing. Neutralizing its carbon footprint and environmental impact has been a top priority for VeVe. The company’s recent partnership with Immutable X continues this goal, paving the way for VeVe to grow from its current user base and provide millions of everyday consumers with seamless, secure and carbon-neutral experiences in the world of digital collectibles.

Camille Rose Garcia Sculptures of vultures | Source: DesignerCon

In anticipation of the event, VeVe drew inspiration from his own blockbuster releases, including Marvel Drops, Star Trek NFTs, and the work of artists such as Ron English and Frank Kozik. With a history of legendary creations, the drops curated for DCon are sure to be newsworthy. But wait, there is more! There will also be exclusive drops at DesignerCon featuring Tristan Eaton, Tara McPherson, Camille Rose Garcia and more!

Tristan Eaton DEVILBUNNY | Source: DesignerCon

And best of all, this experience is really accessible for collectors, from the interface to the various price points. The programming adapts to everyone. Collectors can even expect limited blind box drops for prices starting at just $ 13, with random 3D models of various 3D toy series curated by VeVe founder David Yu.

Asked about the partnership, Yu said, “VeVe understands the importance of single sign-on and, as a fan, I think DesignerCon is the eye of the storm – where like-minded people come to explore, learn and s. ‘Inspire. The VeVe team is a collector at heart and created the platform by bringing the collection to the fore, be it art or any other form of pop culture fandom. We’re really excited to bridge the physical and digital worlds of the collection, including a few drops that pair NFTs with artistic toy replicas, and our platform aligns perfectly with the interest of participants in the collection. DesignerCon.

This partnership is a true example of the possibilities for synergy that arise when core values ​​align. With their mutual respect for the collector and as true fans themselves, VeVe and DesignerCon are set up to write history together. Tickets are on sale now, for those who don’t want to miss this historic moment, which will take place November 12-14. For more information, visit

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