Dealers Prepare for Return of Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week Event

They had to cancel their summer show – and a main source of their income – last year because of the pandemic. But now, finally, Madison’s antiques and collectibles community in Bouckville is inviting shoppers of goods from the past to return to their gala in August.

The annual Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week returns from Monday August 16 to Sunday August 22, along and around Route 20.

“Everyone is in show mode and the fields are cleaned up and ready,” said Madison-Bouckville Promotions president John Mancino, owner of Gallery Antiques in Pinebrick and the Out Front Show Field.

“It’s so exciting – it’s like Christmas,” said Lynn Harvey, owner of the Victorian Rose Vintage boutique. “Everyone around us is buying a lot of new merchandise and our store will definitely be full. “

There will be more than 2000 dealers in stores, in the streets and in the 14 exhibition fields. Shoppers can weave their way around Antiques Week with a meal or treat from one of the many food vendors – much like a fair, there is festive food that cannot be found anywhere elsewhere, Mancino promised.

John Mancino and his fellow store and showground owners invite shoppers to Madison-Bouckville Antique Week, August 16-22 on and around Route 20.

There are resident dealers as well as visiting sellers from across the state and beyond for the event. Harvey said that in addition to its usual retail space, the store will expand to include front tents for additional vendors and their merchandise. But they will take the proper precautions – Harvey stressed they will continue to wipe everything down in his shop for everyone’s safety.

Mancino said the main caveat is just to show “respect”. Anyone who has not been vaccinated is asked to wear a mask and keep a safe distance.

Kick-off of the shopping season:Spring 2021 Shop Hop

Local dealers were forced not only to cancel their shows, but also to close their stores last year. This year started off triumphantly – albeit a little timidly – with the return of their annual Spring Shop Hop in April. This was followed by their antique display and June flea market. Both were successful weekend events for merchants and paved the way for Antiques Week.

Warming up:June Show warms up the Madison-Bouckville antique community

With a green light now for Antiques Week, Harvey said she looks forward to all the reunions with old friends the event brings.

“We see people from all over the country and many come back year after year. It’s like a family is coming back to visit us,” she said.

Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week runs daily August 16-22 on and around Route 20. Ample parking is available. For more information, visit

Last summer, Mancino and a few friends from the famous Brimfield, MA antique community picked up what was canceled Madison-Bouckville Antique Week and turned it into virtual Bouckville Online.

Bouckville online:Buyers and sellers are doing business virtually in 2020

Mancino said the online event was a success, although certainly not at the level of the traditional Antiques Week event. And many resellers have found they can sell through the Internet rather than the loss of their doors being closed and sales to the public.

But buying and selling virtually will never replace the thrill of buying these thousands of sellers in person.

“I think once the ‘everything is clear’ sign everyone will be happy to come back,” said Mancino. “They can see people they only see here and taste food they won’t get anywhere else. It’s going to be going full speed for all of us.”

Mike Jaquays is the community reporter for Mid-York Weekly. Email him at [email protected]

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