Collections of royal merchandise that might be worth more money

Thousands of people around the world have mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but royalists who have spent years stocking up on goods could be in for a big payday.

Theodore Bruce Auctions representative Casi Prischl told 4BC radio that she collects royal memorabilia and the future is bright for those who share her hobby.

Ms Prishcl said items featuring the late Princess Diana are among the most popular collectibles.

“They’re a beautiful piece of social history,” she said.

She said Australian and UK coins were skyrocketing in popularity, with the Royal Australian and UK mints seeing a ‘huge increase’ in coin purchases before the well-known figurehead at the stern went from fire the Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III.

Over the years, myriad items have been made with royal prints or have been decorated to replicate members of the royal family.

Dolls, fine china, brooches, magnets, coasters and commemorative plaques have all been designed to honor moments and monarchs.

Ms Prishcl said items that are rare, such as limited edition scarves made to celebrate one of Her Majesty’s jubilees, will go up in value, but items that have been mass-produced, such as cups and plates with the royal family on it, will continue to be more of an entertainment, hobby purchase.

“After Kate and William got married, a piece of wedding cake was posted online and sold for $3,000,” she said.

A slice of Princess Diana’s wedding cake from her marriage to Prince Charles has sold for over $2,000.

“Big collections will do very well,” Ms. Prishcl said, explaining that larger collections will be more valuable because of the individuality of the items.

She said the coronation of the late Queen was the most memorable moment as it was her first official event as monarch.

However, to have the best chance of winning a pretty penny, collectors were encouraged to keep their merchandise to increase its value.

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