Blue Plaque for The Daughter of Time Writer Josephine Tey

A campaign to recognize the life and work of Scottish writer Josephine Tey has been successful with the installation of a blue plaque at her former home.

There have been various blue plaque schemes in the UK since the mid-19th century. They usually mark the connection between key locations and famous people such as Tey – real name Elizabeth MacKintosh – who grew up in Inverness. This plaque is managed by the Inverness City Heritage Trust.

Although she wrote several plays, worked for Hollywood through Universal Pictures and numerous novels, she is best known for her crime mystery The Daughter of Time which examined Richard III’s role in the death/murder of the Princes in the Tower, heirs to the throne of England, in the 1480s. “a writer whose elegant blend of characters, settings and plots has created enjoyable mysteries that have entertained readers the world over for over ninety years.

The campaign for the Castle Street plaque on the site of the Tey family’s greengrocer’s shop was led by writer Jennifer Morag Henderson, who wrote a biography of Josephine Tey (1896 -1952).

“I always believed she deserved wider recognition for her accomplishments as a writer, especially in her hometown,” she said, “and I’m so happy that she’s now marked in this way. I have received support from Josephine Tey fans from Scotland, Europe and as far away as Australia. It is clear, as I have argued in my biography, that his books have had a wide and lasting impact on readers and fellow writers.

Jennifer’s biography Josephine Tey: A life was first published in 2015 and has been republished in a new edition in 2021. Publishers Sandstone Press are currently offering a special offer of 20% off the price if purchased directly from their site (offer ends November 20, 2022)

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