Alcohol shortage hits Lincoln stores

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – It’s an issue that has plagued many different areas since the pandemic began last year: shortages.

Now it is affecting liquor stores because certain types of alcohol are rare.

Moran’s Liquor Works has seen these shortages which continue to shift to different areas since the onset of COVID-19.

“There is no reason or model for this, it’s just a lot,” said Eric Bahm, co-owner.

These reasons reflect many other shortages of consumer goods, the global supply chain continues to experience delays of several months. But, they are also materials used to hold spirits.

“Aluminum shortages, then glass shortages, and we had problems with wine and spirits,” Bahm said.

Some regions are experiencing delays due to COVID protocols and natural disasters.

“In early Mexico with popular beers like Corona, they just closed the breweries because of the virus,” Bahm said. “In New Zealand, especially the Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, and that’s just because they’ve closed their ports for a while.”

Looking more broadly at the industry, Nielsen’s statistics, which cover 13 weeks and were last released on August 14, actually show a drop in alcohol sales in a few categories. Spirits 3.3%, wines 8.2% and beer 9%.

However, Lincoln liquor stores continue to remain busy. 10/11 Now I have spoken with a handful of other people in town who see the same thing. While the shelves don’t look bare, that’s because they pick up what they can.

“Buy more than we would have had in the past to fill these gaps. So when there is a shortage, we can sort of overcome it until we get more,” Bahm said.

Like other supply chain issues during the pandemic, experts believe it could take years to return to normal.

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