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New collectibles brand TITANIC CREATIONS launches first products in North America

Woodland Park, Colorado – Titanic Creations, Leading New Collectible Brand, Announces Colossal Creatures “Soul Wars” Series of Actionable Monster Figures Based on Original Designs Inspired by Kaiju Culture, Deadly Prehistoric Creatures, Horror Fiction Pulp and the supernatural.

The “Soul Wars” product line consists of 4 articulated creatures, TITANICUS, NOSFERADON, SKUREAUS and GRIFFIXIS.

“These highly detailed, articulated creations bring a daring dimension to the collections of ardent horror, monster and kaiju fans with unique and eye-catching designs,” said Mac McClintock, CEO of Titanic Creations. “Over the next few months, we will be expanding the product catalog and creating a story for ‘Soul Wars’ with additional characters and other products.”

Pre-orders are now open for SKUREAUS – a heart-wrenching Scorpion-Cobra hybrid combining two of the desert’s deadliest creatures. Pre-order information is available at:

Pre-orders will open at the beginning of January for GRIFFIXIS, an infernal flying eater-manager with razor teeth.

SKUREAUS and GRIFFIXIS are expected to ship in early 2022.

The first two figures in the line – TITANICUS and NOSFERADON – are available to order now on the Titanic Creations website at:

SKUREAUS 11.8 inch long x 6.8 inch high action figure Price: $ 60.00 Skureaus – The ultimate weapon of ancient Egypt! A monster designed to be controlled and used to exert a power similar to that of God. It was buried for thousands of years but was unearthed by Nazi archaeologists in hopes of harnessing its power. Skureaus is controlled by a yellow amulet which is currently in the possession of Nazi General Erwin Rommel. With this super weapon, the Nazis have taken control of all of Egypt and are invading the rest of North Africa at an alarming rate. The Allies’ only hope against this creature and its evil master is another ancient power lying dormant at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, Skureaus, who will soon be awakening.

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GRIFFIXIS • 11.8 inches long x 6 inches high articulated figure • Price: $ 60.00

Griffixis – A beast from outer space! The Griffixis pathogen originally lands on a planet and infects two members of the native population, turning them back into children. The monster then begins to take on traits of matching animals on the planet until it becomes the ultimate alpha predator. The first planet to encounter the beast was the home of another monster, Nosferadon. This planet fell shortly after Griffixis arrived. It is not known where the pathogen was created and at present there is no known way to slow or stop its rapid development.

“Soul Wars” figures available now at Titanic Creations:

TITANICUS • 11.8 inch long x 6 inch high action figure • Price: $ 60.00

An ancient monster that was first spotted in 1912, when it attacked and sank the RMS Titanic. The appearance of the monster sparked the creation of Project Serenity, which has been tasked with keeping a secret about the true horrors that lie in the public ocean. The origin of Titanicus is a mystery, with many scientists believing the monster to be an ancient super weapon created by the Atlanteans. In addition to the attack on the Titanic, the Titanicus is known to sink merchant ships and is rumored to be living near the Bermuda Triangle.

NOSFERADON • 11.8 inches long x 6.6 inches high action figure • Price: $ 60.00

Nosferadon was designed by aliens to stop the Griffixis creature, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time. As the monster devastated the planet, the creators turned

Nosferadon’s egg in space hoping that one day he could save another planet from the cruel fate that had befallen their home world. Eventually, the egg landed on Earth and was discovered by a young Jewish boy in 1930s Germany named Wolf. After the Nosferadon outbreak, he bonded with Wolf, and after Wolf’s parents were taken away by the Nazis, the couple attempted to track them down knowing that one day the pathogen Griffixis would come upon them. Earth and Nosferadon should live up to it. to his fate to stop him.

For more information on Titanic Creations, please visit or follow at:

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