A Plague Tale: Requiem – Where to Find All Chapter 9 Collectibles

Chapter 9 is the longest stage yet A Plague Tale: Requiem, as well as one of the least violent. In order to uncover the secrets of La Cuna, as well as Hugo’s strange curse, you’ll explore the island’s bucolic countryside, solve a major riddle, climb a mountain, and infiltrate an ancient ceremony that’s only a little scary and apocalyptic.

Here’s what to watch for in the marathon that is RequiemThe ninth chapter, “Tales and revelations”.

A Plague Tale: Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 9

There is a plot to find here. Chapter 9 begins with giving you free reign in La Cuna, for a period of free-form exploration that ends when you decide to hike up the side of the mountain. That, in turn, is only an option once you’ve solved the riddle posed by the bird statues that are all over the landscape.

This leaves you with a plot to be found here, which includes a large puzzle that involves the windmills on the coastline. This puzzle is worth it even if the reward doesn’t seem huge, because you can break into all four windmills and loot 5 pieces of each. The more you enter Requiemthe more your upgrades are locked in by your parts supply, so every little bit counts.

There are also plenty of resources you can mop up at villagers’ expense, including a few hidden tool chests. It’s a good idea to max out your supply of crafted ammo early on in Chapter 9, as you’ll likely end up with more reagents than you know what to do with.

As for this guide, there are two souvenirs and a secret chest located at the beginning of this chapter. Everything else is further up the mountain, including a particularly elaborate hidden trophy/achievement.

Memory #15: Another thousand years

At the beginning of the chapter, leave the domain of the Count and go down until you come across the first bird statue. If you are standing next to it, turn and look in the nearest lane.

If you go down this lane, past the house on the left, you will come to a fence with a clearly visible hole (circled below).

Cross this hole and turn right by the river to find a century-old olive tree at the end of the path. Check it out for a brief philosophical interlude, complete with real tree hugs, and this memory.

Secret Chest #6

As you explore the island, you will notice a ruined tower at the foot of the mountain, across the bridge that spans the river.

At first glance, it’s locked, although you can climb through a hole in the side of the tower to grab the contents of a large chest.

To open the door at the base of the tower, go around the opposite side of the door and look out the window. You can break the lock on the door here with a stone from your slingshot.

Enter the tower and climb the ladder to the second floor, where the last secret chest awaits. As always, you’ll need a knife to open it, so you can access the jar, tool, and bag of parts inside.

Memory #16: Nice cry

Look, that makes sense in context.

In the same ruined tower as the previous collectible, climb onto its roof and use the interaction point near the broken cornerstone.

This vantage point can also be useful for spotting the remaining bird statues, if you’re still at this point in the chapter and your draw distance is up to the challenge.

This is the last collectible you can get in the explore phase of Chapter 9.

Memory #17: Tramontana

As you go up the mountain, you’ll come across a locked gate with a goatherd in front. He will ask you to keep an eye out for his lost goat, Tramontane. (It’s an archaic term for someone who lives on a mountainside.)

Go left of the goatherd’s door to continue with the level. Shortly after, you will hear a goat bleating as you pass an old ruin by the side of the road.

There’s a reagent chest next to the ruin, next to a patch of tall grass. Use an Ignifer to burn the grass and when the fire goes out you will see a crawl space at the base of the nearest wall.

Send Hugo to this crawl space, because it’s absolutely not the worst thing that happened to him this week, to open the door for you.

You can now enter and interact with Tramontana the goat. You can also grab a tool and parts from a nearby chest while you’re engaged in rescuing your goat, so it’s a worthwhile stop to make even during replays.

Secret Chest #7

From the Tramontane Ruin, climb up to continue on the critical path for this chapter. You’ll be climbing a ledge shortly after.

Keep an eye to your left as you continue. Around the same time you start to hear conversation from the guards in front of you (“Thank you for your offerings!”), you should spot another climbable ledge. Climb it to find a second secret chest in a ruined campsite.

This can be a problem on any difficulty level other than narrative, as you may not have found a second knife to open this chest with. (At least on Narrative, there’s a second knife just inside the ruined tower that housed the previous chest, but you can accidentally recycle it before you realize you need it.) If you do, you You can open the lock on this chest to grab a jar, some coins, and a tool.

Feather #4: Barn Owl

As you approach the shrine, you’ll need to traverse two extensive stealth sections, which are further complicated by Amicia’s reluctance to even slightly maim the guards. You can use non-lethal deterrents like throwing tar into open flames, though this puts the guards on high alert. Even that can be useful, however, as alert guards are not on their predefined patrol routes.

After the second section, you’ll find yourself about halfway up a spiral staircase, inside a tower. If you go down to its lower level, you will find a workbench.

If you go all the way to the top of the stairs, ignoring the two exits along the way, you’ll find a ledge to climb.

This leads to a short path that will take you to the main entrance to the shrine. More importantly, at least as far as this guide is concerned, you can pick up this Feather for your Herbarium from the ground near the broken bridge piece.

Hidden Trophy/Achievement: Ancient Protector

After participating in the Count and Countess ritual, you will find yourself in the courtyard of the shrine with some free time. This part of the chapter contains another well-hidden trophy/achievement.

As you pass through the “Sacred Quarters,” as your objective calls them, there are 16 items you can interact with along the way. If you consult all 16, you will unlock the trophy/achievement Sugar daddy. Like other trophies/achievements hidden in Requiemit’s a gold trophy on PlayStation and worth 100 Gamerscore on Xbox.

The point of no return here is to speak with Sophia as she translates the scrolls on the second floor of the quarters, which automatically drops you outside with no return to Basilius’ chambers. A plot Old Protector items are indeed a must, as you can’t progress through the story of the scene without checking them out, but it’s easy to blow the trophy/achievement by talking to Sophia too soon.

If you do what I did the first time around and talk to Sophia before you’re done with Old Protector, you can choose “Phoenix” in that level’s scene selector to get dropped off in the right yard before entering the quarters of Basilius.

The 16 elements are, in approximate order:

  • The tent in the first room, which Hugo bumps into upon entering (above). You need to interact with him while he’s in the tent to get credit.
  • The wooden rocking horse for children placed on the ground near the entrance.
  • Basilius’ bed, in the first bedroom.
  • The carved wooden toys on the chest by the bed, next to where Sophia is standing.
  • The women’s armor stand in Aelia’s room.
  • The weapons rack next to this armor.
  • The toy box next to the training dummy, on the floor near Aelia’s bedroom door.
  • The two wax tablets on top of the chest next to Aelia’s bedroom exit door.
  • The dirt clay bowl on the operating room floor, to the right as you enter.
  • One of the bottles in the corner of the room, next to the locked door.
  • The circular platform full of bottles of different shapes, in the opposite corner to the previous object.
  • The vial on the table next to the operating room.
  • The large scroll that comes out of the oven in the corner of the room, near where Sophia is initially standing.
  • After you’ve done a few circuits around the room, Hugo walks over to the OR table and starts getting flustered. Talk to him, which also advances the scene.
  • On the second floor, enter the center of the floor grid and interact with it.
  • Take one of the scrolls from the shelf behind the two desks, just across the room from where Sophia is reading.

The trophy/achievement should trigger shortly after you find and examine whatever 16th item it is.

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