A Plague Tale: Requiem – Where to Find All Chapter 4 Collectibles

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Things continue to fall apart in the fourth chapter of A Plague Tale: Requiem, and now it’s time to start looking for an exit strategy. Amicia’s trip to the docks with Lucas is a relatively short chapter in the game so far, but it involves learning how to make tar, a nice trip to the site of an atrocity, a number of rats that only next-generation technology can provide , and a long chase scene. If someone hasn’t put this one on YouTube with Sonic Adventure 2 music on it by the end of the week, I’ll have to do it.

While I do that, here’s where to find all the different collectibles, and a valuable hidden trophy/achievement, in the fourth chapter of Requiem, “The Duty of the Protector.”

A Plague Tale: Requiem Collectibles Guide – Chapter 4

You learn a new alchemy recipe in Chapter 4, but that’s about it for the new systems for now. This chapter is mostly about rampant pyromania, as you now have to play with dangerous accelerators.

Flower #3: Gentian

When you emerge onto the beachfront near the start of the chapter, turn right and run to the end of the beach.

There’s a small patch of flowers here that you can interact with to get a Sprig of Gentian.

Memory #5: Silk Treasure

As you pass the first group of guards, you’ll eventually reach a trapdoor in the floor that you need to go through to continue the level. Before doing this, check the wall in front of this hatch. There’s an easy-to-miss hole (highlighted/circled, below) that leads to a small storage area.

Crawl into the hole, then grab the cart and push it against the nearby wall.

This allows you to reach an elevated area full of imported goods. Inspect the rolls of fabric to trigger a short conversation between Amicia and Lucas, who saves this memory for your Codex.

Secret Chest #2

Later in the chapter, you’ll enter a shipyard just in time for the rats to appear. Cross it to the point where Lucas points the cart with a brazier on it.

If you look away, there’s a ladder against the wall behind this cart (circled, below). Light the brazier and push it towards this ladder, then climb it to find a secret chest at the top of the wall.

You can then climb down the ladder and push the cart the other way to continue the chapter.

Memory #6: A grain of sand

After you successfully escape the tar shop, you’ll enter a backyard with a piece of wood debris blocking a hole in the fence. This is your way out of this part of the chapter.

Before crossing the fence, examine the broken wall in front of it. You can shoot your slingshot through the gap in the wall to break a hook which will knock off part of the wall.

This allows you to reach a secluded part of the dock. At a glance, there’s nothing here, but if you go to the end of the dock, you’ll find an interaction point. Use it to trigger another conversation, which in turn unlocks a keepsake entry. Remember: Lucas is a alchemistnot a psychiatrist.

Hidden Trophy/Achievement: Mercy

There’s a long sequence in Chapter 4 where you’ll end up cooperating with an unnamed guard in order to get through the shipyard. Once you reach the other side, however, he’ll recognize Amicia from that murder spree you took part in last chapter – some people go crazy over the weirdest things – and try to make trouble.

If you let this guard live, you will unlock the trophy/achievement Mercy. For some reason this was done incredibly valuable if you’re a trophy/achievement hunter; Mercy is a gold trophy on PlayStation and worth 100G on Xbox. It’s a bit weird, because it’s not that hard to get, even accidentally.

The guard gives you a huge window to act in and stands in the middle of a crowd of rats with a lit torch. You can easily kill him by extinguishing his torch with a single Extinguis, then running to the next door while the rats are busy eating the guard.

On the other hand, you can listen to what Lucas says and hit the guard’s torch with a tar shot from your slingshot. This turns the torch into a sparkler for a few seconds, which blinds the guard and drives away the rats. You have more than enough time to reach the exit door before the guard regains his sight, and it will unlock Mercy as soon as the door is closed.

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