10 things you forgot about Brett Favre’s time with the New York Jets

Brett Favre is one of the most legendary quarterbacks in NFL history. The gunslinger started his career in Atlanta but was shipped out of town for pennies on the dollar in Green Bay. As a Packer, Favre became one of the most entertaining players in league history and led the team to the Super Bowl.

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He will end his career in 2010, after spending two seasons in Minnesota. While his stints as Packer and Viking are both memorable and legendary, his single year as the New York Jet is largely unremembered. Let’s go back to Favre’s time in The Big Apple.


10/10 Brett Favre was traded to the Jets

After the 2007 NFL season, Brett Favre, who had teased retirement for years until now, finally decided to hang up his cleats, allowing Aaron Rodgers to finally leave for Green Bay. Plans were made to have his number retired as a Packer, and he was going to be honored in the season opener.

That retirement lasted less than two months, as the quarterback said he was forced into it. In August 2008, he was traded to the New York Jets for a fourth round pick. Interestingly, Favre nearly played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the trade fell apart and he headed to New York.

9/10 Favre made his debut

Due to Brett Favre being traded just before the start of the regular season, there was some question as to whether he would be ready for the first week. That’s not including the fact that he should be shaking off the rust of being retired.

Favre found himself starting in week one, playing the Miami Dolphins. Despite the lack of prep time, the quarterback dominated and scored two touchdowns en route to an easy 20-14 win over the division rival.

8/10 He nearly tied the record for most touchdown passes in a game

By week four, the New York Jets were playing with Brett Favre’s steady hand under center. While the gunslinger had played well so far in the season, he decided to vent his offseason frustrations with the Arizona Cardinals.

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In the game against the Cardinals, the legendary quarterback dominated. Favre threw a personal-best six touchdowns in the game, a far cry from tying the NFL record for most passing scores in a single game.

7/10 The Jets got off to a good start

During the 2008 AFC East, the division was very competitive. The New England Patriots lost Tom Brady in week one, but were playing well with Matt Cassel at center, and the Miami Dolphins were playing well with former Jet Chad Pennington at quarterback.

However, it was the New York Jets, with Brett Favre at center, who led the division for most of the season. By week 12, the team was 8-3 and seemed to only get better as the season progressed.

6/10 Chad Pennington got his revenge

Chad Pennington was the best example of a good, but not a great quarterback. If your quarterback was even slightly worse than him, you were probably looking to improve. In 2008, the New York Jets decided to replace Pennington in favor of the aging Favre.

The final game of the season was a showdown between Pennington and Favre. In the end, the Dolphins and the former Jet ended up getting their revenge, as they won 24-17.

5/10 The Jets missed the playoffs

The biggest consequence of the New York Jets losing to the Miami Dolphins in the last game of the season is that they assured that they would not win the division. To top it off, the team didn’t make the wild card or the playoffs at all.

Despite starting the season 8-3, the New York Jets struggled along the way. They ended up finishing 9-7, which is a solid year on paper, but a terrible record considering the team’s potential.

4/10 Favre has played terribly throughout the season

Despite tons of early success, Brett Favre played horribly as the season progressed. Although he and the team clicked early, he went back to his old ways and decided to play as a sniper at the worst possible times.

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Favre finished the year with more turnovers than touchdowns. In the last five games of the season, the quarterback recorded eight turnovers for just two touchdowns, yuck.

3/10 Favre retired after the season

In the weeks following the season, Brett Favre reportedly met with the New York Jets coaching and management staff and said they might have to consider new quarterback options for the following season. Although this is not an official confirmation of the retirement, the quarterback hinted at it.

Only a few weeks after this conversation, Favre again requested his retirement. Two seasons after deciding to retire, the quarterback was released from his contract, allowing him to sign anywhere else if he chooses.

2/10 Favre would have played with an injury

While Brett Favre had worse seasons in the NFL, his one year with the New York Jets was one of the worst of his career. After the season, fans got a good idea why he struggled so much and why he suffered a sudden and severe decline.

In the 11th game of the season, Favre injured his arm, but decided to continue playing and the team did not notify the league of the injury. Due to the team hiding the injury, they were fined $125,000.

1/10 Non-retired Favre will join the Minnesota Vikings

Death, taxes and Brett Favre not retiring to join a new team are the only certain things in life. In August 2009, the former MVP decided to sign with the Minnesota Vikings, believing they were the best destination for him to earn a ring.

To his credit, Favre came very close this season, as he lost in overtime of the conference championship game to eventual Super Bowl winner New Orleans Saints. He returned for another injury-plagued season in 2010, before deciding to retire. Thanks to his incredible seasons in Minnesota, his time in New York is commonly forgotten.

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